1 Year Review: HerGivenHair Coily Hair by Natural Stylist Lavida

February of 2016 I wanted to try investing in product that was beyond my usual protective styles that required synthetic hair. I wanted quality hair that would last but something that was very durable and easy to use and care for. I knew my purchase would be an expensive investment so I narrowed my choices down to three companies. Two seemed like very quality products but one was very expensive and the other didn’t have major reviews from the average consumer. Out of the 3 not only was Her Given Hair a seemingly of great quality but it was affordable and had stellar reviews from average customers.

I purchased my 2 bundles of Coily clip-ins, corresponded with their awesome customer service team with a few questions that I had, which they responded very quicky, then received my purchase a week later. I was very impressed with the quality of this hair!

Upon first look, pre-treatment and weft prep I experience very little shedding and little to no tangling. It was definitely high quality hair!

I installed my Coily Clip-Ins within the next week and wore them for 5 days straight. I decided to incorporate these into my hydration, moisture and styling routine for the next year (minus a few weeks of a braid installation for a trip to the beach). With every cleanse, cond ition and admittedly, storage and lazy abuse mishap, these wefts bounced back into shape as if I had just purchased them a week before.

coily textured natural hair care for winter by Lavida

I was so impressed by this company so much that both Her Given Hair and I met in NYC so I could potentially become a part of the team. I am now an affiliate, education contributor and product tester. Her Given Hair strives to offer their customers the best products to aid in their Natural Hair journey.

As a licensed Cosmetologist, Natural/Curly and Transitioning Stylist and proponent of healthy Natural Hair I highly recommend this hair for those that want fuller naturally textured Coily, Kinky and curly hair, blown straight natural wefts, those that big chop and don’t want to wait for the grow-out or those that just want a change from the usually offerings that your local beauty supply offers.

I will be sticking with this company for a long time. To see how I’ve worn and continue to wear this hair please take a peek at my Instagram: @CoiledATexturedSalon and on YouTube: Lavida Loves Coils. ┬áSee my latest 1 Year Review video below.

Article by Lavida B, onwer of Coiled A Textured Salon. xoxo

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