10 Easy Spring Summer Hair Tips for Maintaining Natural Hair

Goodbye Fall and Winter, and say hello to Spring and Summer! It’s always bitter sweet around this time of year. When the snow finally decides to disappear and the sun make it a point to shine a lot longer. Maintenance is key! This popular saying is precisely correct when it comes to natural hair during the warmer months.

  1. Hats– This is the most basic necessity that everyone should know about. Everyone knows that wearing a hat can protect your skin and hair from the harsh UV rays.  summer black hat for girl with natural afro hair
  2. Moisturize– For our natural curls, this can’t be emphasized enough! Your strands needs to be watered to grow. Spray the moisture mixture nightly to seal the hair, or as needed.  how to moisturize natural hair
  3. Trim– Doing this to your hair regularly helps to keep it healthy. The sooner you get rid of those dead ends the faster your hair will be able to retain its moisture.  ways to prevent split ends or breakage in natural hair
  4. Avoid Heat– This is the root of long term damage to your natural hair. Aim to air dry every chance you get.  avoid heat damage to your natural hair
  5. Detangle– Use a wide toothed comb or your fingers on wet hair for a speedy process. By using this method it helps to prevent unwanted breakage that it normally caused by excessive brushing or use of a fine toothed comb.  finger detangle your natural hair
  6. Use a “Natural’s” Dime size– Whenever you want to add products to your hair remember more is less. Always use a generous amount.  natural girls be like dime size
  7. Humectants (If you live in a more humid climate) – Any humectants work extremely well in this type of environment. Such as honey, castor oil, and glycerin just to name a few. These products draw moisture from the humidity and as a result it leaves your hair shiny and healthy. Humectants products for dry natural hair
  8. Deep Condition– Each week allow your natural hair to be treated like a queen. To rejuvenate your locks, deep conditioning is key!  top 10 natural hair deep conditioners under $10
  9. Leave in the Leave-In– After your regular deep conditioning treatments you should always leave a Leave-In Conditioner in to help retain the moisture.  20 best leave in conditioners for natural hair
  10. Hydrate – Keeping your overall body hydrated is the most important thing that one can do. Your hair can only grow long and strong if your body is healthy and well balanced. The power of water invaluable. Using water throughout your normal daily routine will successfully aide you during this Spring and Summer! the max hydration method for natural hair
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