10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair While Traveling!

If you haven’t realized already, I have been rocking the most A-MAY-ZING hair extensions by Her Given Hair! I have gone hiking, scuba diving, played in the snow and travailed through a hot, humid, summer with these extensions.
10 easy ways to protect your natural hair while traveling

These two bundles of 16”, coily, hair has been through it all!

With the help of Atlanta-based celebrity stylist Kelli Kibble, here are ten ways to protect your hair (real or ‘yours because you bought it’) in any weather or terrain while traveling!

  • If you are going swimming, soak your hair with water there the night before. Hair is a sponge, soaking hair in water will protect your hair from the harmful water like chlorine and salt water.
  • Use a neutralizing shampoo after swimming, especially for natural and colored hair. This shampoo helps to remove chlorine and deactivate color from turning another color (blonde highlights could turn green!). If you have relaxed hair, chlorine could be harmful as well. Rachel in Travel in Cuba with coily natural hair

Hot, Humid, Big Hair in Havana

  • Travel with a satin pillow case! We all have them… you know those nights where we come home late and exhausted, and the LAST thing you want to do is wrap our hair!
  • Travel with your shampoo and conditioner. Take your hair care system with you!
  • Drink LOTS of water! Hydrate! Your hair will thank you for it Scuba Diving in Sydney with coily weaves

Twisted Hair While Scuba Diving in Australia

  • Protect your hair like you protect your skin. Coat your hair in a moisturizing, leave-in conditioner, which will create a coating to protect it from harmful elements, like the sun and dangerous water (see point #1).
  • If you’re going somewhere cold, try to avoid wool scarves. These can damage your hair from the friction. Use cotton or microfiber scarves as an alternative option. Detangled natural hair in using coily extensions

Detangled Hair 

  • Before and after swimming, detangle hair then put into twists/braids to prevent tangles!
  • Try protective styles, like @hergivenhair for a sew-in, braids, or wear a hat!
  • DO NOT flat iron your hair every day! I know it can be tough ladies. You can easily cause heat damage in just one weekend!

What are some ways you protect your hair while traveling?

*Sponsored Post by HerGivenHair and celebrity stylist Kelli Kibble.

Source: http://racheltravels.com/10-easy-hair/

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