10 Gorgeous Pineapple Updo Natural Hairstyles

In a rush? Want to look fly on the go? Just put up your beautiful hair into a pineapple bun! This simple updo is the definition of fast and easy. It only take 5 seconds to do and can last all day! Talk about an all in one miracle natural hairstyle. This has been the naturalists’ saving grace for centuries. A classic, effortless, and simply beautiful look that can be worn from day to night!

Locs Updo– This look is inspired by the working woman! She is fierce and ready to roll. Weather you have locs or you have twist strands that mimic the faux locs look, you can slay away! Be versatile and try something new.   Pineapple Locs Updo Natural Hairstyle Idea Credit: @msdaliah_styleshair via Instagram

Bigger is Better– When your hair is half of your selfie, than you just know it’s going to be a great day! Confidence is all it takes to pull it off and you will look chic for the streets!   big half updo pineapple natural hairstyle for kinky hair Credit: @jori.chioma via Instagram

Protective Roll– This is a pretty little secret! A protective styling gem that’s perfect for a day out. Just be sure to keep a few extra bobby pins on hand for any fly away strands.   4c kinky protective roll updo natural hairstyle 2017 Credit: @jori.chioma via Instagram

Open Turban– Make your normal pineapple the wrap a turban around the base. Fluff out the top so that the hair overlaps the fabric of the turban. Add some funky accessories to embellish the look!   Open Turban Pineapple natural hairstyle inspiration  Credit: @beautifullyynatural via Instagram

Tight on Top– Is humidity a problem where you are? Than this hair style will keep you looking right and tight! Add edge control to polish the look and get a wet wavy finish.     Tight on Top Pineapple Updo Natural Hairstyle Inspiration Credit: @curldaze via Instagram

Clean and Trendy– This look goes above and beyond the call of duty! Behold the perfect pineapple!    sleek high bun natural protective hairstyle inspiration Credit: Pinterest

Jeweled Spice– Use side coils and jewels to become a Baddie! A bold outfit will defiantly come alive!  jeweled Spice High Bun Pineapple Protective Natural Hairstyle Credit: @efikzara via Instagram

Boxy Black– Chisel away at perfecting the updo with your favorite box braids! Focus on the edges.   box braids updo high bun natural protective hairstyle inspiration

African Crown– Long may she reign! Use your hair to be your sword and shield, slay all day.   African Crown natural protective pineapple high bun Credit: @l1ndv via Instagram

Black is Lovely– All you need is a hair tie to achieve this glorious look. Gather at the top and shape as needed! Divas can rock any simple style and make it look fantastic!   puff pineapple kinky protective natural hairstyle inspiration Credit: @_enocheshun via Instagram

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