15 African American Wedding Trends Inspiration for 2017

To up it to the next level, bring along some confetti to throw in the air when taking canid photos! This adds some fun and exciting elements to the moment and looks great in photos! Another great pose is getting a few shots from the back while intertwining arms from behind. This looks timeless and chic! These will be the photos that you will look at for the rest of your life so make sure that they are great!

City Streets – Go back to where you had you first kiss! Let that memory last and add your loved ones to the pictures. Now you will be able to build a new tradition! city street african american wedding trend 2017 @keshalambert

All White Squad – Let your bridal party share in on your day! Select individual white dresses that complement their figures. For extra precaution, make sure that they all have the same hair style so that yours stands out! white lace mermaid wedding dress inspiration for african american bride @pantorabridal

Jump The Broom – This is the updated version of starting anew. Open the gates to a fresh start!

African American wedding inspiration with natural hair @unique2chic

Royalty– This is fitting for all queens and kings alike. Take a stroll on your horse and carriage before the clock strikes!

queen and king alike african american wedding inspiration @ynot_images

Destination Weddings– Go to a new land to cement your new found love and embrace the feeling of adventure together!

destination wedding inspiration for African American natural hair bride @raelyn_elizabeth_photography

Groom Tradition– Be one with your roots and all your other half to embrace his too!

african american groom tradition for wedding 2017 @travisdanielsphotography

Capture your Army– Marriage is hard enough, so lighten the load your team with the best support system. There is strength in numbers!

emerald green wedding inspiration for African American bride & groom @keshalambert

Soul Cycle– Ride in on white bikes for your victory lap though your community. No one is to old to just have fun and live in the moment!

Solange love story with her husband

African Pride– Do it for the culture! Help your future children understand the importance of celebrating their roots.

african american traditional wedding inspiration with kinky straight updo hairstyle @agoodthing92

Selfie Status– Welcome to 2017! Where everyone uses social media like theirs life depends on it. Make it more fun by creating a hashtag for everyone to use on their special day.

have fun on wedding day black couple inspiration for wedding 2017 @eliturnerstudios

Fairytale– Become that princess that you’ve dreamt about when you were younger. That damsel in distress will be saved by her one true love!

fairytale African American wedding 201 munaluchibridal.com

Ritual– Refresh your vows with special jewels the cleansing sea!

royal African American wedding trend 2017 @mrsrobinv

Dramatic Clift- Reinterpret the “edge of the world and back” as a symbolic gesture of your love!

Dramatic Clift Modern Wedding Inspiration for African American Couple @unique2chic

Family Affair– Include on the member of your immediate family to show unity and solidarity!

African American outdoor wedding ceremoney ideas 2017 @cest.belle.events

Island Vibes– Keep it fresh with the salt water waves rushing at your feet!

destination beach wedding trend inspiration 2017 @wanderlustcreatives

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