15 Box Braids Colors & Styles for Summer Fun 2017

Box Braids with color and style are cute and fun! Here were have the top 15 looks that include all the best colors and styles. From the hottest celebrities like Beyoncé to the average Joe like you, anyone can successfully slay this look without going insane! I have yet to meet another black person who hasn’t had box braids at least one time in their life! We have all tried it and for the most part loved it. When it comes to box braids you can choose to make them micro, normal, or jumbo size. Like most protective hairstyles, the worst part is taking out all of that hard work. Some of Box Braids; perks include low maintenance, highly versatile, and blog approval! This classic hair style can be any color and or length to match your personal style.

  • Hat Top Off

hat top off box braids protective style for African American women @awedbymoni via Instagram

  • Bun

protective bun style box braids with charms @patressee_ via Instagram

  • Deep Plum

Deep Plum Box Braids for Summer Fun @dallasb_l_a_z_e via Instagram

  • Bantu Knot

black skin bantu knot box braids

    • White Out

white grey box braids protective style @raki_blessed  via Instagram

  • Black and White

black and white long box braids for summer @boxbraidsbeauties via Instagram

  • Bright Purple

bright purple box braids African American Protective Style

  • Blond Storm

blonde box braids for African American women

  • Mini Triangle

Mini Triangle blonde brown box briads protective style for summer @saida_dyson via Instagram

  • Clean Bob

Clean Bob Box Braids with Charms @xonicoleo via Instagram

  • Ombre Ponytail

ombre brown box braids for African American women @freedomstyles2 via Instagram

  • Big Box

big box braids protective styles for summer fun

  • The Frays

The Frays Protective Box Braids @FASHIONBOMBDAILY via Instagram

  • Honey Bun Roll

Honey Bun Roll Box Braids @nikxofficial via Instagram

  • Mini mouse

mini mouse buns box braids for summer @napiaswarovski via Instagram

Box Braids are a convenient protective hair style that never goes out of style. They are also easy to take care of. With the open parting it makes moisturizing easier than ever. Thin braids are perfect for the illusion of micro braids. They mimic a loose strand like texture that is easy to manipulate and style. Beware that the smaller the braid the more weight that your head will carry.

Overall they are fairly simple to do but when in doubt just do a quick search on YouTube or seek out your local beautician for back up. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to simple Box Braids. Almost every hair salon has or knows someone that can bring your looks to life! The most daunting task is actually sitting and waiting for your hair to be complete. So make sure to bring all of your favorite snacks and magazines for the estimated 5 hour ride. In the mist of things, don’t forget to monitor your edges to make sure they don’t disappear in the process!

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