15 Loose Curly Natural Hair Inspiration for Summer Vacation

Is your summer vacation on the near horizon? Are you looking forward to having your natural curls whipping through the summer breeze? Today we have the natural hair weather forecast and it will be bouncing, voluminous and healthy curls all day long. Luckily, even if you don’t naturally have loose curls just be sure to follow the simple directions below for some extra guidance. Take a look now at these fabulous inspiration!

loose curly natural hair inspiration for summer

natural loose curly ombre hair inspiration

summer natural loose curly hair inspiration

deep curly short natural hair for summer

deep wave loose curly natural hair

jet black loose curly natural hair for summer

blonde ombre curly natural hair inspiration  Credits: @allmyluvs2 / @chinabell / @mayasworld / @naturalmanecrush / @tink__23 via Instagram

Here is a step by step guide on how to create your own loose curls that also closely resemble loose ringlets to rock during a holiday vacation. This works perfectly on old hair which is prime when it is traveling season. So enjoy your next trip and have fun knowing that we’ve got you covered!

  • The night before, on old stretched hair, create a side part for added volume.
  • Grab the left side of your hair to finger detangle and secure away the excess hair.
  • As you go along it is ok to add moisture to your natural hair to prevent breakage, but try to make sure that the hair doesn’t revert by over saturation.
  • Spray your hand with water or any other moisturizer of your preference and apply to your hair in a praying method from ends to root.
  • Split that same section into two sub sections to add definition.
  • Twist each sub section in a downwards motion pull and to seal the ends spray with water. Finger coil the ends to define the tips in a bantu knot.
  • Continue by repeating this process throughout the rest of your hair. Also try to loosen the bantu knots to keep your final look of natural loose curls. It makes sleeping with a satin scarf a lot more enjoyable as well.

Tips: When twisting your sections into a bantu knot try smoothing your hair down to tame your edges. It also helps to create a more natural overall look by twisting at your hairline gently.

  • In the morning, reveal the finished product! Carefully release the sections of bantu knots. Using your fingers to separate the curls and reinforce the curl pattern with a finger twirl!
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