5 Gorgeous Natural Styles for Medium Length Hair

We have all been through that “Not too long to be long” stage, which is also known as the “Not too short to be short”, stage. This is one of the most uncomfortable stages of hair growth because you don’t know where you belong. People either commit to making it through this stage or they just forget it and chop it all off. To be completely honest, this is my vulnerable stage. Out of the 3 times I have Big Chopped, this is the first time I have decided to make it through. Well I want you to keep your mane so let me give you a few styles to help you make it over the hump.

  1. The Twist Out
  • This one is the “Old Faithful” of natural medium styles.
  • Can be kept for about 2 weeks before being untwisted.
  • Can be converted to a whole different look.

twist out protective natural hairstyle inspiration

  1. Dread Locs
  • Extremely permanent
  • Versatile
  • Trendy

dread locs hairstyle for black women

  1. Flat Twists
  • Very cute for adults and children.
  • Aids in retaining moisture.
  • Can be converted to a whole different look.

easy flat twist updo natural hairstyle tutorial Credit: Natural Hair Mag

  1. Medium Fro’
  • Sleek and sexy
  • Flexible

short fro kinky curly natural hairstyle for African American women Credit: africanamericanhairstylevideos.com

  1. Sew-In
  • Protects natural hair.
  • Decreases breakage.

Twist Out Frohawk Kinky Natural Hairstyle with Extensions
big natural hair using coily textured wefted extensions

curly twist out natural hairstyle with textured extensions
Credits: @joynavon using @hergivenhair 16″ x 18″ kinky clipins
@efikzara using @hergivenhair 24″ coily wefts
@__tinamarie78 using @hergivenhair 18″ x 20″ curly wefts

Some of these styles are easier to achieve than one would think. There are several YouTube videos that can guide you to getting to know your hair at this ‘awkward’ stage. Please remember to be patient with yourself and even more patient with your crown. This is a process that will take some trial and error. If you are practice, it will come. So stay focused and as always……Don’t forget to moisturize. The more you know, the more you grow…..xoxo


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