5 Secret Natural Hair Care Tips for Dry Winter

  1. Protection!

Protect your ends is the most important thing to focus on in the winter. This is the time you are going to need to heavier products and oils in your hair care routine. Try to find and use products that have shea butter in them and or thicker oils. They are definitely worth the investment in the long run! healthy natural hair care tips by _hernameisme

  1. Sealants!

Sealing your strands will help your hair to maintain the moisture during the drier times. This and protective styling together will make a huge difference for you and cut down on styling time.  The LOC method is also a great alternative to use in the winter. So after you have already applies your sealant protection, you can now safely and successfully create your daily desired protective styles. From buns to different twists these styles can get the job done! moisture and seal routine on natural hair


  1. Leave-In!

If you have ever had a perfect hair style and suffered from dry ends straying away causing your look to be crazy? Let this be your new miracle in a bottle. Using a daily leave in will help to stabilize the shine and moisture throughout your hectic schedule. For an added dose of luxury try to steam your hair weekly with the leave in conditioner. For example, when you are in the shower the time that you take to shave your legs could be the same time you’re steaming your hair. Take the extra 20 mins to treat yourself, you’re worth it! sun ray on kinky curly natural hair

Credit: @tentenlooks w/ kinky textured extensions

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  1. Wrap!

Silk scarfs are your friends! Naturally winter weather is harsh on your hair with the dry air and cold temperatures. To help beat the odd try to implement silk or satin scarfs into your routine.  This creates a safe barrier between your hair and the elements. While any other fabric choices can harm your natural hair by snagging which damages the hair.

protective natural hair headband

  1. Detangle!

Finger detangling is key during the winter. Since your hair is more fragile during these times it is important to treat your hair as such. Avoid using fine teethed combs and or brushes whenever you are styling your hair. Instead reach for a wide toothed comb and detangle away. If you want maximum benefits use your fingers instead! To prevent any unnecessary breakage or damage only detangle when you are applying oils or deep conditioner. This will give you all the slip you need and will also cut down on detangling time! how to finger detangle your natural hair

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