5 Ways to Get Your Natural Hair Ready for Fall Winter Weather

Get Fall Winter Weather Ready! Here are some extremely helpful ways to get your natural hair ready for the fall/winter season. afro curl natural hairstyle

1. Deep Condition

Each week your natural hair should receive some type of tender love and care filled with moisture and time. The easiest way is with a deep conditioner. After your regular wash day routine apply a deep conditioner. While making sure to saturate each strand of hair, leave in for a minimum of one hour to a full night, depending on your time schedule and desired results. The longer you leave in the deep conditioner the more time it has to soak into your hair and work effectively.

2. Hot Oil Treatments

This type of hair treatment can be done each week or if you wish to you can alternate to every other week and swap out with your regular deep condition treatments. Just warm the oil and work it into your hair. Leave in for 30 mins and rinse out.

For more help in selecting the best oils check out our last blog post: 5 Tips to keep Natural Hair Moisturized this FALL & Winter

3. Protective Styling

Fall & Winter is the perfect time to implement your favorite protective styles! If you want to experiment with different textures or lengths, clip-ins are key. This is also a great method to use while your natural hair is sealed and protected underneath. So after your next deep conditioning or hot oil treatment, make sure to braid up your natural hair and pin away any loose ends. Safely secure your desired HerGivenHair Clip-ins to create your desired look. This type of protective styling can last up to weeks at a time and helps your hair to retain its moisture over a longer period of time due to low manipulation. kinky 16in clipin natural hair extensions coily textured clipin extensions 16in+18in

4. Scalp Massages

This is an essential step that helps in mental health and relaxation. By giving yourself daily scalp massages you can stimulate your roots and promote hair growth. Which is rarely ever a bad thing! You can choose to do this with or without using an oil during the massage. As long as you use your fingertips in a light circular motion, you are good to go!

5. Trim

Depending on your hair type and personal preference you may have to trim more often then some. For example, if you are going through a transiting phase from processed hair to all natural, now is the time to trim. Before the winter season begins it is necessary to get rid of any split or dead ends in sight. So get your scissors ready to trim as needed and not to go overboard by being scissor happy! way to trim your natural hair ends

There you have it, five great ways to get your natural hair ready for this fall & winter weather!

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