7 Hair Tips to Caring for Natural Hair

  1. FIRST THING’s FIRST – TRIM OFF THOSE RATTY DEAD ENDS. They will do nothing but continue to break up your hair shaft and tangle causing knots. The winter especially will take a toll on them. So choose health over length any day. Your detangling will also be a breeze!
  1. CLARIFY your hair! Yes I said it! CLARIFY! What most women don’t realize is the amount of build up their hair has been harboring. Usually people complain about having dry dull hair with curls that aren’t popping; what they don’t know is the overuse of products, oil’s  co-washing, silicones, butters, and gels have been culprits to dry hair. They will coat your hair shaft making it impossible for the proper moisture to penetrate. Once you have a fresh start your hair will thank you and you will be able to receive optimal moisture. Clarifying the hair naturally includes Apple cider vinegar or baking soda; or you can use a commercial shampoo. Google search different recipes and products to find the one best for you!
  1. MOISTURE IS KEY!! During the winter months and summer, your hair should be babied like never before! Use your favorite water based moisturizer; ones that contain glycerin (make sure it’s lower on the list in the winter. This is a super humectant and can counter act if too much is in a product) and natural oils.  Try to a avoid petrolatum and mineral oil in products. They DO NOT moisturize; they block moisture and coat your hair strands badly, resulting in dry scalp, brittle, and broken strands.
  1. Be sure to cover your curls with a wool, knitted hat, or scarf. They will help protect your hair from the cold air, wind, and snow. If    you can line your hats with silk/satin, buy them already made that way or put on a satin or silk bonnet or scarf under them, that’s an even a better way to go; as those materials can aid in drying your hair and induce breakage from possible rubbing.
  1. Wear protective or styles that require little maintenance.  Styles include braids, weaves, wigs,pin ups, twists, etc. Examples of low maintenance styles are twist and braid outs, Rod sets, buns, and chunky flat twists. These require styling more frequently than weaves or 2 strands but will still give you a week or so in between detangling. The more you handle your Hair, the more opportunity for breakage and unfortunately, the winter the weather is not on your hair’s side. So keep those ends tucked away.
  1. Spray your hair frequently with your favorite water based moisturizing and conditioning mix and deep condition every 2-3 weeks with your favorite moisturizing treatment.  This is a quick way to add moisture back into the hair.  Mist as often as you like, however, this method works best if you have a style such as a wig and braided or twisted extensions. If you have a style that you are trying to preserve, spray a liberal amount before styling and seal with an oil such as castor, jojoba, olive, or any natural oil close the the sebum produced by our scalps. You may add oil as much as you want as well. Deep condition consists on covering your hair with plastic after applying the product to clean hair and either sitting under a dryer for 20-30 mins or outside the dryer for an hour.
  1. Use less heat; it’s best to use no heat at all. If you are a natural that blowdries or flat iron, try to lay off of it. It sucks moisture out of hair and when coupled with cold dry hair it’s a breeding ground for breakage and fragile strands. If you continue to use heat try to limit yourself to 1 or 2 times per month.

Bonus tip

DRINK LOTS OF WATER! The same goes for all year round. If you are properly hydrated your hair will be too!

Although nothing is a guarantee that your hair will be safe from the winter’s wrath, hopefully these tips will work in some way. If you are already doing a lot of these, kudos for you! If not try to adopt some of it into your regimen.

ombre colored natural hair care tips

Thanks for reading! Healthy hair to you!

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