8 Quick & Easy Hairstyles on Medium Short Natural Hair

Hello beauties, today I will show you 8 easy & go hairstyles on short or Medium length natural hair which would work great in hot summer.  Only a tie, headband, or hairpins can style most of them.  Let’s go!

1. The Fro

easy and quick natural fro short hairstyle for summer natural short fro hairstyle for summer with headband short fro natural hairstyles for summer

2. The Side Hawk

summer side afro hawk natural hairstyles on short ombre hair side fro hawk natural hairstyles on short medium length Side Hawk natural hairstyle on short medium hair

3. The Mega Puff

Mega Puff natural afro hairstyles for summer Mega Puff Afro natural hairstyles for summer medium hair easy summer natural hairstyles Afro Mega Puff

4.  The Low Puff

how to low puff natural hairstyle low puff natural curly hairstyles on medium length hair low puff natural hairstyles for summer

5.  The High Puff

high puff summer natural hair on medium length high afro puff natural hairstyle natural high puff summer hairstyle inspiration Photo credits: Pinterest/ @happycurlhappygirl via Instagram

6. The Side Puff

medium short side puff purple natural hair side puff natural 4c hairstyle for summer curly side puff natural hairstyle for medium length hair natural curly side puff hairstyle with wrap Photo credits: Pinterest / @baronessconntess/@happycurlhappygirl

7. The Puff and Bang

high bun with bang natural medium summer hairstyle

Check out the  tutorial  if you want to learn how to do the above hairstles. :)

8.  Two Buns

cute two buns curly natural hairstyle easy cute two buns natural hairstyle for summer

Have you found your favorite summer hairstyle? If your hair is in transitioning from relaxed to natural, natural hair extensions would do a great help.

hergivenhair natural hair extensions

Weaves in 3 Textures (3b-4c)

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Clipins  in 3 Textures (3b-4c)

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

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