Caring For Your Investment, Her Given Hair Extensions

I know, like many of you I vowed to care for such an expensive purchase. However, after the first few weeks, I somehow dropped the ball. Being a stylist I often don’t take much time for my tresses, let alone something that isn’t attached to my head permanently. Fortunately, the neglect can be salvaged. Her Given Hair is such a high quality, long-lasting hair that reacts perfectly to the the right products, implementation and tools. Caring for highly textured hair doesn’t have to be an intense, painstaking process and I hope that you find the following tips and tricks useful.

With quite a bit of research on multiple natural textures, here are the recommended products that I use for all textures of the Her Given Hair extensions. hergivenhair coily textured clipin extensions


Water (Filtered, Tap, Distilled or Spring)


Cleanse products for caring natural hair extensions

Deva Curl No Poo Decadence:
This cream-based, non-lathering cleanser is a quality product with lots of slip that cuts your cleansing and detangling time in half. The creamy consistency softens and opens the cuticle (on soaking wet hair) and allows moisture retention of hydrated curls.

Alternate Cleansers: (when using heavier oil-based styling products. Silicone-based products are not recommended.)

Deva Curl Low Poo: Low lathering for extra clarifying of tresses that doesn’t strip the hair. This can be mixed with equal portions of No Poo for a creamy gentle lathering cleanser.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter Squeaky: This is great to use alternatively to cream-based cleansers. Use about twice a month for a more intense cleanse when using heavy emollient-based styling products containing little or no water.  These styling products tend to have heavy butters and oils. Squeaky has a gentle, effervescent, crisp lather! I honestly would save this for my own scalp therapy but it’s equally beneficial on Her Given Hair Extensions.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter Rich & Funky: Another great option but with less lather than Squeaky. Recommended when using lighter water-based styling products that contain emollients.


Deva Curl One Condition: Much like the No Poo, when applied to soaking wet hair it allows for slip, detangling and moisture retention. It has a bit more slip and doesn’t have to be entirely rinsed out. It is recommended to rinse to a skim milk consistency.

Uncle Funky’s Daughter Richee Rich: Applied to soaking wet hair has great slip and leaves a lot of the goodness of the emollients left behind. Use very sparingly and rinse most of the product out. This works on all hair types but especially useful on Her Given Hair Kinky textured extensions hergivenhair natural hair samples

Long Hair Don’t Care Conditioner Co-Wash: Co-washes and leave-ins aren’t recommended to use routinely because they cause build-up, but this is great as a sort of “deep conditioner. Rinse to a skim milk consistency.


Use a plastic hanger and alligator hair clamps to drip dry from shower rod or a place where there isn’t a risk of falling from water run-off. Alternatively and my preference, I rig my hangers under a hooded dryer to aid in a faster dryer time and to set the curls in place. Air drying allows for a slower drying process and voluminous curls.


Inexpensive plastic storage containers can be purchased from your local discount store or big box shopping center for $1 or less. You may also find storing in a gallon sized storage bag useful. Leaving the bag partially open will allow air flow. Germs grow in dark, moist places. To prevent bacteria, ensure that your wefts are completely dry before storing. Her Given Hair Upart Wig can be stored in its original bag and box, plastic storage container or, recommended, on a mannequin head with a plastic bag loosely placed on top to prevent dust and particles. Mannequin heads can be purchased from most craft & fabric supply stores.
how to store your her given hair

Additional Tips:

Initially, ALWAYS use your fingers to detangle water-saturated and conditioned HerGivenHair extensions, before reaching for a detangling too. Doing so prevents excessive, unnecessary shedding. My go to tool is the Felicia Leatherwood Detangling Brush which is, in my opinion, far more practice than other recommended tools in the natural community. The flexible row of bristles allows for less tension and more flexibility of detangling each curl.

natural hair detangler brush

Styling Product Tips:

Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter: For Twistouts, Braidouts , rod and rollersets.

Camille Rose Curl Maker: After adding a small amount of UFD Extra Butter on wet hair add a small amount Camille Rose Curl Maker.

So, I hope with these tools you are able to care for your investment with ease. Bonus! These tips are also things that I use on myself and my clients to maintain a healthy head of natural hair. Just omit the whole “Storage” section.

I will have more tips in the future on natural hair and transitioning. So stay tuned!

I can be followed on Instagram @coiledatexturedsalon – ✨Lavida B✨, Licensed Cosmetologist, Advanced Deva Stylist & Natural/Curly Haircare Specialist

To see a full demo of me resuscitating my Her Given Hair Coily clip-ins click on the video below.

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hergivenhair black friday U part wig sales

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