Fitness Friendly Styling – Gym Natural Hairstyles

As a naturalista and an NPC Bikini competitor, I fully understand what it is like to hit the gym hard and have a cute hairstyle suffer for it. But just because we are fit, doesn’t mean we can’t slay while throwing those weights around. What I wanted to do is something no one did for me when I first hit the gym and that is share some styles that will get you from the weight room, to the office or dinner without the need or more than running your fingers through your natural hair after a workout……..if it even requires that!

natural hairstyles for the gym


pineapple natural hairstyle for Gym natural afro hairstyles for Gym

Marley Twists

Marley Twists for gym gym natural hairstyles marley twists

Corn Rows

corn rows braids natural hairstyles for Gym black girl gym hairstyle corn rows braids

Faux Locs

Faux Locs black girl hairstyles for Gym Faux Locs hairstyles for African American girls


crochet braids for gym styling

Wigs, corn rows, faux locs, crochet braids, and Marley twists, give you the ability to be versatile without the worry of swearing out curls or having flat hair because of sweat. With these styles, you can maintain a consistent gym regime while keeping it cute. A happy scalp is the breeding ground for a fruitful mane. So throw on some waterproof eyeliner, a nice style, those yoga pants that make you feel slim and sexy, and hit the gym for some self improvement. In reality, aren’t we all under construction?

So as always, never forget to moisturize……the more you know, the more you grow xoxo.


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