Healthy & Hydrated! Winter Haircare Tips for Your Natural Hair

Wearing Her Given Hair clip-ins and U-part wigs are great alternatives to wearing drying synthetic hair, braids, sew-ins or having to style your own hair while transitioning to healthy haircare. These options also give versatility without having to commit to one style for (a recommended max of) 5-8 weeks. The one area where Naturals tend to misstep is keeping hydrated hair which leaves them often struggling with growth retention. A healthy regimen is especially recommended for those who have fine strands and highly porous hair regardless of hair density and texture. Here are tips that may be useful.

HYDRATION: Water is very crucial to hydrating hair properly. If your house plants or flower bed goes without water for longer than 2-3 days it is susceptible to drying out and wilting to it’s death. Think of your hair as a plant. Our hair needs water, LOTS of water, NOT oils and butters. (We will get to that momentarily).

Product Recommendations: Water

CLEANSE: Traditional shampoos tend to be full of harmful ingredients that strip our hair of it’s natural goodness (sebum). We need gentle cleansers that are free of stripping sulfates, silicones, petroleums, parabens, alcohol and excessive emollients (oils and butters).

Product Recommendations:

Deva Curl Decadence No Poo – A Cream-based cleanser that is great for the winter, but especially great for tightly coiled hair or those suffering from dryness and continuous breakage.
Deva Curl Low Poo – A gentle lathering cleanser for looser curls and coils ( Type 3– 4A) thicker strands but can be combined with No Poo for a gentle creamier lather for most hair types.
Uncle Funky’s Daughter Squeaky – Full lather without stripping the hair. Recommended for those who use heavy styling products.
Mielle Organics Babassu Conditioning Shampoo – A little deeper cleansing ability and also recommended for those who use heavy products.

**Bonus products between thorough cleanse routine (used on Day 3-4)**

Co-Washes: Please note that they do not clean and can tend to cause product build-up and breakage if used excessively. These can be used in between washes.

Long Hair Don’t Care Co-Wash
Mielle Organics Detangling Co-Wash

MOISTURIZE: Water on it’s own does nothing once it evaporates. Water and conditioners work hand in hand. Conditioner helps with hydration but leaves remnants of healthy, clean emollients behind to “condition” your hair for the next step.

Recommended Products:

Deva Curl Conditioner – For most hair types but especially for looser types up to 4A.
Mielle Organics Babassu Oil Mint Deep Conditioner – This is great for 4-type hair and it feels great on the scalp!
Mielle Organics White Peony Leave-In – For any hair type.

MOISTURIZE & SEAL: Some oils and butters on their own tend to be excessive and far too heavy to allow moisture penetration. Shea Butter for instance, is a natural latex so the make-up of this material will only cover the hair but not nurture from the inside out. Styling products and commercial moisturizers should contain these emollients, but the first ingredient listed should be water.

Product Recommendations:

Deva Curl Styling Cream – Great for 3 type hair “Wash & Goes”.
Uncle Funky’s Daughter Extra Butter – Great for tightly coiled hair and for your base braids or twists while wearing you’re Her Given Hair Clip-In Extensions and U-part wig unit. Use sparingly.
Mielle Organics Moisturizing Avocado Hair Milk – For all hair types but I recommend an emollient to seal.


Original Moxie Twist Mist – Use sparingly to seal in your styling products. This is oil-based.
Original Moxie Hair Bling Pomade – I love using this after moisturizing leave-ins or after styling products to apply to base cornrows.

Remember not every product works for everyone but I do prefer “clean” products and those that actually work on natural/curly/transitioning hair-types. So, find YOUR routine but stick to it and use it often. Your hair MUST be washed once a week. Once you start this routine your time will be cut in half. No more holding yourself hostage at home because it’s wash weekend. And, no more neglecting your hair because you don’t want to be a prisoner at home.

Additional Tips

 Section Hair in manageable portions to ensure even distribution of products and ease of your routine.
 USE YOUR FINGERS TO DETANGLE before reaching for a Detangling tools. Work Conditioner into hair in a raking motion to work through snags. You will experience far less shedding.
 Complete your entire hair maintenance routine in the shower. The pressure of the water-stream aids in pushing tangles through hair strands.
 The wetter the better! Water-saturated hair helps with distributing product smoothly in addition to hydrating the hair.
 An itchy scalp is telling you that you need to put your routine into affect ASAP.
 For a much needed trim an indication is your ends being excessively tangled, snagging, fuzzy, not mimicking your hair shaft and them being scarce and see-through”. Minimal snagging does NOT mean that you need a trim. Because natural hair has so many textures it’s bound to intertwine.
 I recommend that you remove your clip-ins or u-part unit every 3-4 days, 6-7 max .
 Adopt a healthy hair routine!

To see part of my routine on my 4-type hair and styling done with Her Given Hair Coily clip-in Extensions, click on link below.

Lavida Barkley is a licensed Cosmetologist, Advanced Deva Curl Stylist, Salon Owner and Natural & Curly Hair Stylist.

Photos by Lavida, using  @hergivenhair 14″ coily clipin

lavida with 14in coily natural clipin extensions pinup natural hairstyle with coily clipin extensions coily textured natural hair care for winter by Lavida textured natural coily hair care tips for winter Also see: Caring For Your Investment. Her Given Hair Extensions.

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