How to Custom Make a U-Part Wig with HerGivenHair

Hello gorgeous, hope you all have a wonderful Wednesday. To save your time in sewing in or clipping Her Given Hair extensions on your head, today I’ll show you some tutorials on how to DIY custom make a U-Part Wig using @hergivenhair textured weaves. There are also some how-to instructions on styling your Wig.  :)

Invisible U-Part Kinky Curly Wig Using A Crochet / Latch Hook

U part natural curly hair wig curly U-part wig using hergivenhair natural wefts invisible part with hergivenhair curly weaves U Part wig

“I Decided to use a dome cap to make a u-part wig with an invisible closure. It definitely beats fumbling with a lace closure and worrying if it will peel back or be exposed. I have done this before with straight hair, but this is the first time with kinky hair. I was inspired by knotless crochet braids to create a natural looking closure using only a latch hook. The best part is that it is easily removable and reusable. I will definitely be coloring the hair soon. I used 6 bundles of hair from Her Given Hair in the curly texture and I think it made for a fabulous, modelesque, natural looking protective style.” by Pure Estrogen

Products Used: 
1. Her Given Hair Curly Wefted Texture
18 inch x4 20 inch x2
2. Spandex Dome Cap
3. C-shaped weaving needle
4. Latch hook (for crochet braids)
5. High Strength Weave Thread

Best Kinky Curly Wig Using Hergivenhair Natural Hair Extensions

DIY custom made U part wig using hergivenhair U part wig made by curly natural hair extensions sewin weaves U part wig with natural curly textured extensions weaves

“My first time making a u part wig by sewing it onto a cap. My first attempt did not turn out as planned.. However, I re did the unit and now it is flawless. In this video I share the washing process and show a bit of the u part wig process. Hope that you all enjoy!!! ” by Msnaturally Mary

Products Used:
Curly texture in 3 bundles (20 in and two 18 in)

Kinky 4B/4C Fro U-Part Wig Tutorial

fro u part wig made by kinky 4b 4c natural wefted hair U part natural kinky hair wig 4b 4c textures

“This time I’m showing you all how I made this U-Part wig using HerGivenHair’s kinky hair extensions. This was my first time making a u part wig & it turned out pretty well. The extensions are perfect for those with 4B or 4C hair. ” by kilahmazing

Products Used: 
Kinky Textured Wefted Hair
18 inch x1,
20 inch x2

How to Make and Style A U-Part Wig 丨Twist Out

DIY custom U Part wig using curly textured weaves

It’s really amazing that Assunta Wilson used a sewing machine to make her U part wig.  Check out the video to see how she styled the twist out protective natural hairstyle w/ the wig.

Products Used: 
Her Given Hair Curly Textured Wefted Hair
14″ x1, 16″ x 2 Bundles

U-Part Wig 丨Best Natural Looking Weave

big hair don't care wash and go using @hergivenhair

“I received this realistic looking natural HAIR from a new company called Her Given Hair. I got the CURLY texture in lengths 20, 18, and 16 in.I am truly in LOVE with this hair. This is definitely the best natural looking weave I have ever had, and it blends with my own natural hair almost perfectly. I am styling a Wash and Go. I made a U-part wig, and I do not have a closure on this wig. This is my initial review, and I think this is the best high quality extensions for natural hair types. I want to know, what do you think about this hair? Have you tried it?” by FabulousNat

How to: Kinky U-Part Wig Using HerGivenHair

Products Used:  
two bundle – coily texture(3c-4a)16 inch
one bundle – coily texture(3c-4a)18 inch

Well, if you want to use @hergivenhair to create full head wigs, you can use natural hair textured extensions and closure to achieve the natural look.  Check out Mona B.‘s video below to learn how to do it.

Kinky Bundles for Making Full Head Wig

kinky textured hair wefts and closure from hergivenhair

Products Used: 
Kinky Textured Wefted Hair
14 inch x1,16 inch x1,
Kinky Textured Hair Closure
14 inch x1
Stretch weaving cap x 1

How to Make a U Part Wig by Stylist ChiChi

Products Used: 
Coily Textured Wefts
18in x 2.5 bundles

Do you love their custom DIY U-Part wigs? Do you want to make a try? lol Shop the same hair below.

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