How to: Flawless Protective Rod Sets on Natural Curly Hair

A lot of natural girls always ask how I get my rod sets so nice or do I blow dry first. The answer is no! With quality products and the right technique the tightest of kinky, coily curl patterns can look fabulous in a rod set. This blog and video will demonstrate how I achieve my rod sets. My method is the same for flexi rods as well.

protective rod sets on natural curly hair

Depending on your hair density, lifestyle, climate, or how you care for your hair, a Rodset could last up to 3 weeks. Now of course it’s not going to look the same as if it did the first day that you did it. However, you should not have to do your hair for up to two to three weeks. Most people say about two weeks. If you’re one of those people that like to change things up, Pin it on the side, Mohawk it, or puff it once it gets older, then your can get some good wear out of it. Here are some rod sets I’ve done in the past:

Protective natural hairstyles Rod Set on 4c Hair

I am using Kera Care Natural Textures’s leave in, buttercream, and twist and define cream. I also have an oil blend that I use with olive, jojoba, and peppermint essential oil for sealing. For an extra hold I either use the clear African essence gel or the Eco styler gel with argon oil (with the red top) I have found that these products work well with the natural textures line and don’t flake or have a residue.

-On clean hair, apply your favorite leave in conditioner, moisturizer, and oil.
-Detangle and section off in which ever way you desire.
-Starting at the nape of your neck part horizontally a section about 1 1/2″ wide and apply your holding cream and or gel. Use sparingly.
-Part off the first piece to be rolled with your flexi or perm rod. Do not make it too wide because you want to ensure that the roller will be as close to your scalp as possible. You want to prevent your roots from puffing up making your hairstyle look older and not as neat.
-Pull your hair taut and smooth out any loose hairs, add more gel if you need; slide the roller all the way down and wrap the end of your hair around it. Begin to roll the hair one row slightly on top of each other in a spiral still pulling the roller tight as you get closer to the scalp. Secure the roller and move to the next section.
-Repeat until you have completed the whole head and dry. Most people take about an hour or more to dry but do not remove the roller unless the hair is completely dry.
-once dry, remove the rollers and split each curl about three times while wrapping each peace around your fingers in the direction you rolled it to help define the curl as well as smooth out any hairs. If you need to, get a pic and lift at the roots to hide any visible partings.

-Most people use a loose satin bonnet or a satin pillowcase and fluff and shape in the morning. Protective natural hair headband will also do a great help.
-Wear a shower cap while bathing and stay out of the bathroom or either wear the cap until all moisture is out of it.
-Rub a little oil in your hands and scrunch into the curls for a little sheen every 3-4 days but NO water based moisturizers- they will swell and frizz your hair.
-After a while you can separate your hair more but it is not recommended at first because you want to be able to get the most wear out of your hair is possible. Separating too much will make the curl frizzier; the foundation will be weaker and easier to wear out after sleeping, exercising, etc.

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