How To: Loose Strand Twist for Long or Short Hair

Remember the time when your mom would send you to school with knockers and giant twists sealed with a bright colored barrette? At the time you thought you looked great and felt unstoppable. Well, that hair style is back in action! You can achieve that same look and proud feeling! Minus the knockers and bight colored barrettes, swap them out for fashion forward golden claps instead. Just follow these simple three steps and you can look like a modern day empress and not your former toddler self! loose twists protective styles for short natural kinky hair

Step 1: Part and section your hair into your desired size that you would like the loose strand twist to be. If you would like a neat and precise look, use a comb when parting your hair. If you are going for more of a natural and easy going look, use your fingers to section off your hair.

Step 2: Moisturize the section using your preferred product. Ideally, it’s best to use a leave-in conditioner with a little added hold to make sure the twist stays intact. Take a section of hair and divide it evenly into two pieces. Then twist tightly as normal from root to tip. Once you reach the end of the twist, coil the ends around your finger to protect your ends from fraying.  natural protective styles 2 strand twist twist out for winter

Step 3: Once you have completely finished twisting your entire head, you can now finish off your new look by adding hair accessories for embellishment. By using deadlock jewelry, hair cuffs, hair links, or beads you can customize your hair to fit your personal style! protective loose strand twist for natural hair loose two strand twists protective natural hairstyle ombre natural protective hairstyle loose strand twist & twistouts Photo credits: @westafricanbaby/@jeanicewebb/ @coolcalmcurly/@afrodominican79/@curldaze/@shanillia26

This loose strand twist hair style is perfect for long or short natural hair. Depending on how well you can maintain it, this style could last up to a week or more. Since the hair is loosely twisted means that the variety of styles are unlimited. To add an extra something to spice up your look, try adding some unique pieces to the loose strands. Silver hair links, rose gold hook, laser cut cuffs, wooden beads, or even ribbon can add that extra level of doneness! Be careful when adding these hair accessories because it’s easy to go from elegant to costume real quick. Try to incorporate them into your hair by framing your face. This will allow it compliment your natural features rather than to clash and work against you. So get creative and get twisting, your great future look awaits you!

Try @hergivenhair natural textured extensions or U-part wigs out if your hair is thin for those styles.

Weaves (3b-4c)

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Clipins (3b-4c)

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

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U-Part Wigs

curly U Part natural wigsCurly Upart

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Kinky U Part natural wigsKinky Upart

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