How to: Two Strand Twists on 4B/4C Natural Hair

Hello my fabulous naturalistas!! This blog today is all about protective styling and getting the most out of your hair style! My client is getting the timeless two strand twists on her 4b natural hair. Most people wear them for 2-4 weeks and take them down for a fabulous twist out. So you’re getting two styles in one! During the time that the hair is twisted people cleanse their scalps with a dry shampoo or a which hazel-seabreeze combo with a cotton ball. Some people actually shampoo or rinse their twists, but keep in mind you will get more frizz and shrinkage if you do.
2 strand twists tutorial on natural 4b 4c hair

Product Details:
After the shampoo, I towel dry the hair and apply the following:
For a professional line, I really like the Kera Care Natural Textures Line so i’m using:

-Leave in Conditioner
-Butter Cream (moisture)
-Twist and define cream (to hold the twists)
-Edge Tamer (to smooth the edges)
-my own personal oil blend to seal in the moisture (Jojoba Oil, Castor Oil, Peppermint Oil)

After applying the leave in, buttercream, and oil, section the hair in workable parts and detangle the hair from ends to roots, stretch, and clip out of the way.

-Make sub sections in the desired height you’d like for you twists to be and section off the larger part.
-Apply the twist and define cream (JUST A LITTLE) to the section left out.
– Detangle once more and part your hair to be twisted in the width you’d like.
-Begin twisting the hair making sure you twist as tight to the root as you can. This will enable the style to look fresher longer.
-Once the twist is complete, wrap the bottom around your finger (finger coil) to create a nice finished curl.
-Do the aforementioned until you have completed the the entire head of hair
-Dry for 45 mins or until the hair is completely dry. You may air dry if you like as well.

Most people sleep with a satin bonnet or a satin pillow case and oil the scalp and hair when they see fit. This should be a shake and go style and you’re out the door!
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4 thoughts on “How to: Two Strand Twists on 4B/4C Natural Hair”

  1. Will doing two strand twist lock your hair. I want to put them in my daughters hair but don’t want it to be permanently in that style because she also likes her curls, puffs, braids, and when I straighten it.

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