How To: Wash and Go on 4B 4C Natural Hair

Hello ladies! So the number one complaint I get from ladies with tighter coiled hair is shrinkage and that they cannot get their girls to define/pop. After countless products a lot of people have given up and I’m frustrated with trying to achieve defined curls. One of those people. I tried to defy my hair about six years ago and never did it again until two weeks ago.

Some naturals will argue that people are not comfortable with their curl pattern and they need to learn to love the hair as it naturally grows from their scalps and to quit buying products trying to achieve something that their hair just will not do. For me I simply see it is a style change. I am perfectly happy with my curl pattern but sometimes I want to do something different. Don’t get me wrong; there are some people that are struggling with the thought of just being natural and do not like their tight curl pattern what so ever and if that is the case, hopefully this tutorial can help catapult them in the direction of at least wearing their hair out instead of hiding under weaves.

Enough of my soap box LOL. Let’s get into this tutorial. :)

1. First thing you want to do is clarify your hair. You want to get all of the buildup off of your hair because it’s weighing your hair down and not allowing your hair to receive the moisture and products being used to define. I used Avalon Kera Care Moisture Right Shampoo and conditioner. I am more partial to their natural textures line but I really wanted the hair very clean.
 Avalon Kera Care Moisture Right Shampoo and conditioner 2. I applied biosilk miracle leave in on towel dried hair.
biosilk miracle leave in

3. I then finger parted my hair to start from the nape of my neck.
wash and go on natural 4b 4c hair

4. At this point detangle with your favorite tool and then finger comb.

5. After I got out the knots and tangles, I applied shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and ampro protein styl gel and finger combed and used my detangling brush.
shea moisture organic coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie ampro protein styl gel
Some people can’t stand that gel but that’s what works for me with this method and it’s alcohol free so I’m cool with it. I use other gels for other things however. Once you smooth the product in, your will feel your hair defining and clumping together separating from other curls. Right where you feel your curls natural separating u grab the hair and pull in in a downward motion between the index finger and thumb. If you let it go and the curl is still frizzy, apply a little more gel on that piece to weigh it down. Be sure to concentrate on your roots as well because some people complain that their ends will define but the roots won’t.
detangle your natural hair with fingers

6. Once you have repeated this step all over, shake your head for a while. This will help the curls clump together without frizzing as bad.
7. Gently place your hair in the direction that you want it to go and LET IT DRY or get very close to drying before you go picking in it.
This is directly after shaking
how to dry your natural type 4 hair This is completely dry
natuaral 4c dry hair after wash and go This is after 8-10 hours of being at work and also running errands. It still has a sheen to it, hasn’t shrunken terribly and has some definition left;  there are no flakes, It’s not crunchy, or have residue on the hair.
Dry natural hair after 8-10 hours of work and running errands I really love it! As it dried I did pick at the roots to lift it a little more but that was it. For next day hair I got a spray bottle with water, dampened my hair, and shook my head like crazy. After I saw what curls weren’t as defined I put just a tad bit of gel on my fingers, ran them down the curls, and that was it. You can probably do this method for 3 or so days before having to do it from scratch again. It’s tedious so I don’t recommend doing it 24/7 but it’s definitely a cool style change.  :)

ENJOY! by  Chi Chi used:

-Cleansing Products:
Avalon Kera Care Moisture Right Shampoo and conditioner.
-Biosilk Miracle Leave in
-Shea moisture Curl enhancing smoothie
-Ampro prostyle brown gel

hergivenhair natural hair stylist

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One thought on “How To: Wash and Go on 4B 4C Natural Hair”

  1. I think this is a hotly contested debate because some people still see it as a form of not accepting ones hair texture. I can honestly see both sides, but I tend to side more with the lack of acceptance POV. I feel that although we are all brown skinned, biracial hair textures are more celebrated (as straight hair once was) and so a lot of women with 4X hair try to imitate that texture. The problem with that is that when you do that – then you don’t spend time developing styles that are uniquely beautiful on 4c hair which perpetuates the myth that 4c hair is not as beautiful. I think it is possible to be natural and still not have a mind set that has fully transitioned to accepting ones hair texture. We are all connected. If you are a 4b/c girl, the way you wear your hair represents other girls with hair like you. I believe that we need to do a better job of showing the world the beauty of 4c and not trying to hide our texture by putting all these products in our hair to make our hair texture look looser than it actually is.

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