My Natural Hair Journey – Naturally Beautiful!

Hello again ladies and beaus! I communicated with my hair to identify strengthen products for healthier hair. I learned that allowing dryness only makes it worse for me when it’s time to condition and detangle. I definitely tried different products for a month to experience, if this is what my hair would like to intake. I was able to pull my hair back on a really hot day, and still have moisture.

courtney's natural hair journey

Alkaline water vs. Tap water
Water is one the most important liquids that the body should consume. Lately, the world is changing when it comes to health and environment. Many in Flint, Michigan do not have adequate water to drink. The importance of water on your hair can define the hair personality. In my experience with tap water, it can sometimes be very hard on the skin and hair. For this instance, I try to drink more alkalized water, so my body can be balanced. Alkaline water neutralizes the body, and the hair takes on the moisture.

Water products vs. Alcohol products
I recently just learned that my favorite conditioner has alcohol as one of its main ingredients. My normal routine is to damp my hair, apply conditioner and let it flow. I was noticing while using my conditioner, it would dry faster before I left my apartment. I managed to use AvaLuxe by Be Be Michelle, which has rose water as one of the most important ingredients. They both gave similar effects to my hair. I decided to add apple cider vinegar to my conditioner for the balance of the product. I added gel to give my strands a livelier look.

When it comes to planting, you can up root a plant and repot it. I’m actually in the process of having two plants in my apartment. When I decided to transition to care for two plants, I am learning that they both need treatment. When I transitioned to natural, I remember always having dry hair. I believe this was the cause of always cutting my hair.

Did you cut your hair? I think this was one of the main reasons it broke off and never grew. I had to learn to love water, and sometimes I even watered it too much. I even noticed that I did not have a routine or products. I just used the ones that were the cheapest. What are you harvesting from your hair? I might not be a beast at natural hair yet, but I do know that planting is improving how you manage it.

Extending the Root
Low Maintenance can help with this. Take a look at a few pictures with Hergivenhair 12″ coily clip-ins.

courtney with 12in coily natural hair extensions coily natural textured clipin extensions for black girl

Becoming natural curly is a change that I will never forget. I am pushing the campaign for natural to transition stage hair. Start with this company for low maintenance ideas with their lovely hair extensions. How are you with this process? I can only get better with each style.


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