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How to Grow Your Natural 4C Hair

Being around laughter and great friendships brings about growth. My hair is in the process of growing. I took this picture visiting Al in Arkansas in September. It definitely illustrates a clear picture of how my puff has thickened. I also have pictured with Al back in my U of A days with a spicy red/brown mixed color. I guess it’s safe to say, I like puffs. …Continue Reading>>

Natural Hair Relationship Patterns

Naturalist of the Month Make sure you shout her out! Vlogger @va_slim25 is one of my favorite naturalistas. I admire how she elegantly wears her hair. She talks about in her Product Empties youtube videos about products that she doesn’t like. These are her desirable things on what she likes and dislikes for her hair. Her definition of hair treatment explai…Continue Reading>>