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Natural Hair Relationship 101

Roots and Relationships Hey ladies and beaus, welcome back to this month’s blog. Last month there was a blog going around about alopecia and edges, and I hope you guys are continuing to strengthen your edges. How many of you are in a serious relationship? Well, the way you build a foundation with men and women, is the exact way you build with your hair. We all c…Continue Reading>>

Tips to Go From Relaxed to Natural Hair

There are two ways to go from relaxed hair to natural hair:  Transitioning or Big Chop.  You can start your journey by cutting off all of your relaxed hair or gradually trimming your processed ends to allow the new hair grow out.  If you don’t like short hair and need time to learn your hair type you can choose transitioning while if you are eager for natu…Continue Reading>>

3 Fun Ways to Preserve Protective Braids

Getting your natural hair braided takes time. In some cases, it can take up your entire day. Who wants to do that every single month? The pain of waiting for your scalp to loosen? The struggle right is oh so real. So here are some of my favorite ways to keep them and preserve them for a little more time. Re-braiding the Perimeter This is maybe the most common wa…Continue Reading>>

How on Earth Are You Growing Your Edges?

Welcome back ladies and beaus? I am constantly looking for the best products for my hair. I am on this journey to strengthen my coils. I discussed products that I was currently using. I must say that I learned that a product will last if you use it. Also, I researched some of the newest deep conditioners. There was an article going around about a young lady havi…Continue Reading>>