Natural Hair Relationship 101

Roots and Relationships

Hey ladies and beaus, welcome back to this month’s blog. Last month there was a blog going around about alopecia and edges, and I hope you guys are continuing to strengthen your edges. How many of you are in a serious relationship? Well, the way you build a foundation with men and women, is the exact way you build with your hair. We all come across hair crushes or hair goals. Every hair texture deserves something different, just like each hair relationship. I deep condition my hair daily in the summer, due to the humidity of the Mississippi heat.

How to Deep Condition the Roots

I use VO5, which is very light and helps my lovely coils, build its foundation. My roots are then moisturized and stimulated for strength. While building a new relationship, we develop dating skills. One dating skill that I use to date my hair with is to be open-minded to love it and kill it free! I also have learned to water it, even on the rainy days. What is your connection to your hair? I feed it daily with this nutrient to build my stump.

VO5 extra body conditioner for natural hair

How to cut your ends?

In each new relationship, we leave the old baggage in the garbage.  “Let your roots grow down into him, and let your lives be built on him. Then your faith will grow strong in the truth you were taught, and you will overflow with thankfulness.” This scripture is in essence the cycle of all dead things being born again. How damaged are your roots? Make sure you get your ends clipped at least once a year. What products are suggested to help? Just like replanting a plant, I usually use every product that I once use and develop a regimen for new growth. Where to start to healthy hair? When I decided to have a relationship with my hair, I noticed I needed to spend time with it. I then noticed that I must feed it and let it flow freely! What is your healthy start?

What is your hair relationship like?

Appreciation Month for Hair, let’s post under hergivenhair Instagram a picture of your hair. Appreciate your hair month is just for you!  Next month, let’s discover tips to taking care of relationship issues with our hair. Keep in mind of what type of relationship you are formulating with your hair. What is your hair relationship? Make sure you are giving more, so you can get beauty in return! Until next time! I have 3 questions to discuss this topic more. 1. What would you like to learn about your hair? 2. What length is your hair goal? 3. What are you feeding into your hair relationship? Advice goes with this as well.


Here my hair is pinned on each side, and the front left out. Wash-n-go day!


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