Natural Hair Relationship Patterns

Naturalist of the Month

Make sure you shout her out! Vlogger @va_slim25 is one of my favorite naturalistas. I admire how she elegantly wears her hair. She talks about in her Product Empties youtube videos about products that she doesn’t like. These are her desirable things on what she likes and dislikes for her hair. Her definition of hair treatment explains the fun in posting about natural hair. She also notices the change each product brings and how they work. She is also an alumna of the Tennessee State University.

afro natural hair naturalista Twist and Curl Day Healthy Protective Natural Hairstyles

Hair Discussion

Hair Porosity/Communication is something I definitely see as a way of how the hair develops. Communicating the right products that does your hair justice and makes you feel the beauty of your hair.

You can develop hair techniques with Hergivenhair extensions and clip-ins, I will be posting a picture of my hairstyles with the clip-ins. Remember my extensions in an early post, gave me a full look and gave a longer effect of my hair.

hergivenhair natural textured  hair extensions

Hair Personality is defined by the qualities of individuality of your hair.  I long for healthier hair, so I can let my hair down and appreciate ever root. I had some shedding to my hair, so I put a small, medium, and long strand in the toilet. I learned that my hair has low porosity. I have to communicate to my hair through various products to learn how to give my hair what it needs to strengthen. I will do this again in three months and tell you results.

natural hair porosity test

Why should you care for your hair? I know that I will definitely try caring more for my hair. As I see my hair grow, I now can see what products work and do not. This natural hair journey can’t go wrong if you’re planning a destination. Some Effective Ways to Grow Your Natural Hair for your reference if you have problems on it.
healthy natural hair growth journey 2014-2016 How are you falling in love with your hair?  You have to develop a love language your hair.

love your natural afro hair Credit:
natural coily 4a 4b textured hair

What is love beginning to feel like with your hair? I know that developing a relationship will define the character we want for our hair to be. Until next time ladies and beaus, how much water is your hair getting to develop the beauty of health? I met a man who gardens and told me that hair grows just like a plant. Are you watering to much, or are you adding enough water for your hair to flourish. What are ways to notice this? Let’s learn to appreciate what our hair brings now, and it will sparkle for the month.


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