Pros and Cons of Natural Clipin Hair Extensions & Weaves

When purchasing costly natural hair extensions it can be very overwhelming trying to figure the texture, length, style, and if you would like the option of clipins or just plain wefts. A lot of people are wanting to know the pros and cons of clip in extensions and wefts. Below are some that I could think of:

natural clipin  hair extensions vs sewin weaves

Clip in pro’s
-temporary so that you can change your style fast and as much as you like
-easy to DIY and you save money.
-can add length and density and still be able to get to your scalp to shampoo, oil, or scratch easily.
-if you have scalp issues or are just a person that was to shampoo or co wash often it’s easy to remove.

Weft pro’s
-more permanent for the person who wants to leave their hair alone. And have a more effective protective style.
-easier to comb/detangle because it’s attached more securely; almost like having your own hair.
-can do multiple styles as long as there is enough leave out.

hergivenhair clipin vs wefts natural hair extensions

Clip in con’s
-Can possibly not be secure enough and could fall out if accidentally pulled too hard.
-not an effective protective style if hair is left out in between the tracks.
-clips can be painful at the scalp when worn for a while.
-if worn too much in the same spot clips can cause breakage at the root.
-more potential to manipulate your hair in some way.

Weft con’s
-hard to get down to scalp to cleanse and moisturize.
-hard to diy so you’ll spend more money paying someone
-can cause breakage from thread and tension.
-endures more wear and tear since it’s constantly in your head.
-hard to remove and you risk possibly cutting your hair while trying to cut the thread if you don’t have help around.

In my video I said it pretty much boils down to preference and spending. I know plenty of people who aren’t big sewin fans but what something temporary and a quick change; I also know people who would rather have their hair put away for a while and not have to think about messing with it. I hope this blog gives you some clarity if you are confused on what to get. If you have any questions please ask!┬áThank you!!

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hergivenhair natural hair stylist

hergivenhair natural textured  hair extensions

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One thought on “Pros and Cons of Natural Clipin Hair Extensions & Weaves”

  1. I’ve been wondering what the difference was between actual woven extensions and clip ins were in terms of experience. I think I’d like to be able to take them out as I please. I can see why you would want them more permanent though.

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