Stylist ChiChi’s Summer Care Tips for Natural Hair

Hello ladies! My has it been a hot summer so far and I’m sure some if not a LOT of us are having concerns about caring for our tresses. Hopefully this blog will give you some ideas and help combat issues you may have. Now this blog isn’t law and of course different things work for different people; but feel free to try!

The first thing I would suggest is get a GOOD TRIM. Not only does it help retain length by reducing breakage and helping your curls to pop; split damaged, dead ends will not retain moisture.

Some signs that it’s time for a trim are single strand knots, which would resemble this:  tangles, extremely dry & frizzy ends, and you’ll see a lot of breakage (short pieces of hair in the comb or sink).

single strand knots sign for a trim

Your best friend is going to be MOISTURE! After being exposed to the heat and sun, always replenish moisture in your hair by applying a hydrating leave-in treatment.   I’m Partial to the Kera Care Natural Textures leave in if you want to save a little money I’d recommend the Knot today by kinky curly and a heavier one is the moisturizing Leave in by Shea moisture.

conditioners for summer natural hair care

Follow up with a nice water based creamy moisturizer. The Kera Care butter cream is my fave! My clients always ask what I use after I do their hair. Some people really like the she’s moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Another contender is the OYIN hand made Burnt sugar a pomade.

water based creamy moisturizer for summer curly hair

Also, be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks or as needed to rejuvenate your hair. That would consist of wearing a cap for a while, sitting under a dryer, or hair steamer. If you do not use heat regularly or have color don’t focus on protein. If you do, mix a protein treatment with your moisture treatment and only so that every 2 months or so, doing just the moisture treatment every 2 or so weeks. If you prefer the more DIY extra natural way, there are so many blogs and videos that you can search to find recipes. One recipe for a daily spritzer that I like is:

moisturizing spritz for dry hair

This is great for wash and go’s, setting up twist outs,  and even when your hair is in a protective style (which is best in the summer).

Sealing oils I like are castor, avocado, jojoba, and Virgin coconut oil. If you have braids or twists, put oil in a nozzle and apply to your scalp and hair every couple of days.  A protective shied from the sun is good ol’ Shea butter. It’s rich in SPF which protects your hair from UV rays. There are actually hair sunscreen store brands that help to protect and they are made by Paul Mitchell, Ojon, Nioxin, and Wella.

Top 4 Sunscreen For Natural Hair

Caring for hair after swimming:

Let’s face it, Chlorine and salt water are hard on hair which aids in our decision to truly swim and don’t forget we probably don’t want to mess up our style either; so we end up sitting poolside trying to be cute or wading in the water. LoL!

If you choose to swim be sure to wash your hair that same day with a clarifying shampoo such as Shea Moisture Black African soap deep cleansing shampoo or Ion’s swimmers shampoo to remove chlorine or salt, which can cause dryness and damage, leaving hair brittle and fading color. follow up with your normal conditioning and styling routine.

With all of the oils and moisturizers used, of course there will be build up. A way to tell is you’ll feel a residue on your strands even after a normal shampoo sometimes. AND you may have trouble keeping your hair moisturized. This is because layers of products can actually restrict moisture from penetrating your strands as well as too much protein.  In this case, definitely clarify your hair. Some people strip with an apple cider vinegar mix or a clarifying shampoo. A more gentle clarifying shampoo is the Quidad Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo.

Quidad Superfruit Clarifying cream shampoo

I have what I call the cheat week philosophy for length and moisture retention. It’s simple; do a protective style for 3 weeks and on the 4th week do what ever you want to your hair. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re in jail and tethered to protective styles. This will keep your hands out of your hair and reduce split ends and dry hAir. Before you know it your 3 weeks will be over and then it’s party time! Try it for a while and let me know how it worked for you!

One last thing!

Be SURE to stay hydrated and eat plenty of greens and proteins! What ever you do on the inside reflects on the outside. Be patient and embrace your hair!

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