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10 Back to School Easy Natural Hairstyles

Running out of hair styles for school? Want to embrace your natural hair but still fit in with the trends? Here are a few great ideas to try out during the school year!

1. Sweet Innocence – This look is the perfect school girl look! Adorable and studious all in one. Keep it simple and follow the light with less is more! Use your favorite Her Given Hair to achieve this look. Don’t forget to add a silk ribbon to add to this look!

natural curly back to school hairstyle 2017 Credit: @lovelyjaylana using 18″ curly wefts

2. Around The Way Girl – Always down for a good time? Then this hairstyle is the one for you. Here you can embrace your natural curls and let it all hang out! Just simply gather the top half of your hair with an elastic and fluff out the bottom half with your fingertips.

high puff natural curly hairstyle back to school style Credit: @lovelyjaylana using 20″ curly clipins

3. Top Knot Chic – This look says “I know all the details of this assignment!” Brush your top knot into place and add some extensions for an extra volume boost. Tie down your edges for a beat look. Finish off with your favorite accessories, preferably large geeky glasses to bring your character to life!

top knot high bun back to school hairstyle Credit: @naturalhairforbeginners

4. 90’s Buns – Have some fun with this look by traveling back in time! Part your hair in 2 and bun it as normal. Spend some extra time with your tooth brush when working on your baby hairs. Try pairing the look with a bold print top and cut off denim for the “too cool for school” look!

hair puff kinky natural hairstyle for black to school style

5. Boxed Braids– Go ahead and have your Moesha moment! Yass and bring it all the way back. These timeless braids are forever giving life to all generations. Personalize your look with smarts and style!

boxed braids natural hair back to school style Credit: @thesvnflwr

6. Twist and Shout – This is a fun and quirky look that can last all week! All you have to do is properly prep the night before. Just add moisture, twist away, and unravel in the morning to strut your stuff!

twist natural back to school hairstyle Credit: @thesvnflwr

7. Grown and Feisty – This is a more mature look with an edge. If your school will allow this, then go for it! Create a faux tapered grey that is perfectly paired with a bold cat eye. Teachers beware!

silver twa short natural hairstyle back to school style Credit: @itstoian

8. Wrap It Up – Perfect when you secretly want to keep your deep conditioner in for an extra day!

wrap it up back to school natural hairstyle idea Credit: @findingpaola

9. Bantu is Life– Make as many as your heart desires!

bantu knot back to school natural hairstyle Credit: @kinkydorry

10. Fro Hawk – This curly coily hair must draw attention from others.

braided bantu knots fro hawk coily curly back to school hairstyle Credit: @ayeciara

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