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Top 20 Sweet Prom Couple Memories 2017

Lost for Prom inspiration? From picking out the poses for the pictures, selecting the perfect location for the shoot, and finding a bomb car to roll up in there is a ton on your plate. We are here to lighten the load! Take a look at these 20 sweet prom couple memories of 2017. Convince your date to play the part and just follow along! When you are running the show, the guys have no say. They only need to know the time, place, and the cost!

  1. Satin Black Emerald Green – High School Sweethearts! Sleek and suave are the perks of this stunning couple look.  Satin Black Emerald Green Prom 2017 Couple Dress Inspiration Credit: @zerahbnfc via Instagram

2. Floral Bow Tie – That look when bae reminds you why you are the one! Prom is for having fun when you’re with the ones you love!

Floral bow tie sweet prom couple memory 2017 Credit: @promkillas via Instagram

3. African Pride– Roll up on them and prove your place! You can never go wrong when you embracing your culture.

traditional african prom couple dress ideas Credit: @x.monaae via Instagram

4. Bobbi & Kristina – This is a perfect look if your date is comfortable with showing a little chest hair. Couple up like an entertainment power duo and steal the show!

black prom couple with mermaid floral dress

5. Diddy’s White Out– Take a tip from baby Combs and stay fresh in an all-white ensemble.

stay fresh in an all white ensemble prom 2017 dress idea Credit: @breahhicks via Instagram

6. Ultimate Red Velvet – This couples looks luxe and elegant! This is how you can stay classy!

Classy Red Velvet Prom Dress Idea for Sweet Couple Credit: @savian.gabrielle via Instagram

7. Gold Embroidery – Check out your class’s most regal couple!

Gold Embroidery Prom 2k17 Prom Couple Dress Idea Credit: @oliverzavi via Instagram

8. Forest Green – Let your knight and shining amour stay in the background while you seal the show!

Forest Green Prom Dress Idea for the sweet couple Credit: @oliverzavi via Instagram

9. Coming to America!- Give them a run for their money with these looks!

traditional african american prom dress idea for sweet couple Credit: @iamlordina via Instagram

10. Ocean Blue – With a hint of cut out and black beading is the key for this couple!

ocean blue prom dress inspiration for charming couple

11. Conservative Royals – This is great if you don’t want to show any skin.

Conservative Royals African American Prom Couple Dress Inspiration

12. Behold Raja – Be the fiercest rulers in your class!

beading prom dress idea for 2017 sweet couple

13. Black Stunnas – Feel like a straight boss and slay!

black prom dress idea for cool couple

14. Old Glam– A trim of fur keeps everything looking fabulous!

elegant prom dress idea with a fur shawl sweet couple inspiration Credit: @gabriellesbeauty via Instagram

15. Carry my Train – Lovely Beauty and the Beast spin!

Carry my Train Sweet Prom Couple Memory

16. Coupe – This matte finish is glorious!

nude pink off the shoulder mermaid prom dress idea sweet couple 2k17 Credit: @prompic2k17 via Instagram

17. Murder Scene – Lace up your look to make a lasting impression!

charming prom couple with lace sheer long dress and nude suit

18. Jumping the Broom – Foresee the future and plan ahead!

white lace sheer prom dress s Credit: @piafashions via Instagram

19. Against the Grain – Bring out your inner Bonnie and Clyde gansta!

hipster prom couple memory red short prom dress and print suit Credit: @_finding.coco via Instagram

20. Happily Ever After – Allow your prince charming to save the day!

chic puff mermaid prom dress idea for sweet couple 2k17 memory Credit: @_excuse_my_beauty via instagram

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15 Sweet Black Couples Love Memories

Is it real? Yes, black girl magic is real. Black boy joy is real. Most importantly, black love is real. We are real. Constant reminders are key to remembering the facts. Here are some beautiful images that black love is alive and well. Needless to say that we accept and appreciate love of all types but this post is specifically focused on love that is drenched in melanin. These photos could represent our modern day Barack & Michelle Obama, Martin & Coretta Scott King, or Malcom X & Betty Shabazz. Success is nothing without someone you love to share it with. From daily errands to festive events, black love is strong and pure. Take a look at these precious memories and enjoy!

1. They say to make her fall in love, I had to make her laugh. But every time she laughs I’m the one who falls in love.

black couple love story Credit: @nyelyntho via Instagram

2. The women who does not require validation from anyone is the most feared individual on the planet- Mohadesa Najumi.

black couple love memory Credit: @lost_angles via Instagram

3. I looked at him as a friend until I realized I loved him.

love story between black couple Credit: @teyanataylor & @imanshumpert via Instagram

4. I can be someone’s and still be my own.

black love & black beauty & natural hair couple Credit: @gaddoandco via Instagram

5. Physical attractions are common, but a real connection is rare. If you find it, hold onto it.

love memory between black couple Credit: @kellyrowland via Instagram

6. That person who enters your life out of nowhere, and suddenly means the world to you.

Solange love story with her husband Credit: Solange

7. Our thoughts create our world.

black love is beautiful Credit: @bornintosin via Instagram

8.  Unapologetically Black.

black love is beautiful natural hair couple Credit: @bornintosin via Instagram

9. I’m a Black Woman who’s a big fan of the Black Man.

smile & love between black couple Credit: @djeromesmedley via Instagram

10. I’m very proud to be black, but black is not all I am.

black couple with natural hair Credit: @black.nero.preto via Instagram

11.  You’re going to make it. It’ll be hard, but you’re going to make it.

black couple Valentine's Day love memory Credit: @mel_baby88 & @_myles_b via Instagram

12. Love you more.

black love Credit: @katfishkarjenners via Instagram

13.  Once in a lifetime you meet someone who changes everything.

black love power Credit: @blacklovepower via Instagram

14. Treat her like a Queen and she’ll treat him like a King.

black love memory on wedding day Credit: @weave.bar via Instagram

15. If you’re not happy with a person, leave. And wait until you find that one person who makes you feel good about yourself every single day and is not expecting you to change but grow.- Zoe Saldana

wedding day love story on black couple Credit: @samanthaclarke via Instagram

The powerful bond between black couples has kept our community strong and united for generations. From jumping the broom to just walking along, black love is empowerment and perseverance. Young and old.

{Pics}10 Sweet Black Natural Hair Couples

sweet natural hair couples One of the happiest things in one’s life is finding a special person who has the same taste, hair, hobby, idea… as you. Here I’ll show you 10 sweet black couples with natural kinky hair living and loving in everyday life.  Hope their smiling faces can make you touched  by the natural love. <3
natural curly hair couple via @ii_suppose


#naturalgoals sweet natural hair couples @xiomy.xo


Antonio & Inas Engagement Natural hair love

sweet love between natural hair couple
natural love between black natural hair couples
natural kinky hair wedding couple
black kissing couple with natural hair in beach
black couple with purple curly natural hair
natural kinky black couples
natural kinky black couples with kid

Can u feel the deep love between them? :) Love your natural partner, and be loved. Embrace both of your Curls!! What’s your favorite natural couples, ladies? Comment below! lol

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