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10 Back to School Easy Natural Hairstyles

Running out of hair styles for school? Want to embrace your natural hair but still fit in with the trends? Here are a few great ideas to try out during the school year!

1. Sweet Innocence – This look is the perfect school girl look! Adorable and studious all in one. Keep it simple and follow the light with less is more! Use your favorite Her Given Hair to achieve this look. Don’t forget to add a silk ribbon to add to this look!

natural curly back to school hairstyle 2017 Credit: @lovelyjaylana using 18″ curly wefts

2. Around The Way Girl – Always down for a good time? Then this hairstyle is the one for you. Here you can embrace your natural curls and let it all hang out! Just simply gather the top half of your hair with an elastic and fluff out the bottom half with your fingertips.

high puff natural curly hairstyle back to school style Credit: @lovelyjaylana using 20″ curly clipins

3. Top Knot Chic – This look says “I know all the details of this assignment!” Brush your top knot into place and add some extensions for an extra volume boost. Tie down your edges for a beat look. Finish off with your favorite accessories, preferably large geeky glasses to bring your character to life!

top knot high bun back to school hairstyle Credit: @naturalhairforbeginners

4. 90’s Buns – Have some fun with this look by traveling back in time! Part your hair in 2 and bun it as normal. Spend some extra time with your tooth brush when working on your baby hairs. Try pairing the look with a bold print top and cut off denim for the “too cool for school” look!

hair puff kinky natural hairstyle for black to school style

5. Boxed Braids– Go ahead and have your Moesha moment! Yass and bring it all the way back. These timeless braids are forever giving life to all generations. Personalize your look with smarts and style!

boxed braids natural hair back to school style Credit: @thesvnflwr

6. Twist and Shout – This is a fun and quirky look that can last all week! All you have to do is properly prep the night before. Just add moisture, twist away, and unravel in the morning to strut your stuff!

twist natural back to school hairstyle Credit: @thesvnflwr

7. Grown and Feisty – This is a more mature look with an edge. If your school will allow this, then go for it! Create a faux tapered grey that is perfectly paired with a bold cat eye. Teachers beware!

silver twa short natural hairstyle back to school style Credit: @itstoian

8. Wrap It Up – Perfect when you secretly want to keep your deep conditioner in for an extra day!

wrap it up back to school natural hairstyle idea Credit: @findingpaola

9. Bantu is Life– Make as many as your heart desires!

bantu knot back to school natural hairstyle Credit: @kinkydorry

10. Fro Hawk – This curly coily hair must draw attention from others.

braided bantu knots fro hawk coily curly back to school hairstyle Credit: @ayeciara

15 Stunning Natural Hair Pictorials for the Summer

Want to have stunning natural hair styles but don’t know how to begin or end the process? We have got you covered! Here we have collected some of the best natural hair styles. In each of these pictorials it will show you step by step how to achieve the exact same look. Simply follow these how to guides that shows the necessary step to achieve the perfect hair style!

1. Heatless Curls– Items Needed: Lotta Body Coconut and Shea oils Wrap Me foaming mouse, Moisturize Me curl and style milk, a denim brush, and perm rods.

heatless curls natural protective hairstyle for spring summer Credit: @_hernameisme  via Instagram

2. Fluffy Flat Twists– Items Needed: Hair pick and water. This look is specifically for an old Wash and Go hair. The water will help to reactivate any old products that may still be in the hair.

fluffy flat twist out protective spring summer natural hairstyles Credit: @dommiekamelah via Instagram

3. High Bun– Items Needed: Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel, Cuban Twist Hair, and Belnouvobeauty Red Velvet Moisture Butter.

high bun protecive 4c hairstyle tutorial Credit: @tobnatural via Instagram

4. Twist Out– Items Needed: Virgin Coconut Oil, Dr. Miracles, and Cream of Nature.

twist out protective natural hair tutorial for spring summer Credit: @_kharissa via Instagram

5. Curly Fauxhawk– Items Needed: Perm rods and setting lotion. Once the curls have had a chance to set, then finder detangle to add volume.

perm rod curly fauxhawk natural hair pictorial Credit: @ambitiousnaturals via Instagram

6. Braid Out– Items Needed: Perm Rods and hair pick.

braid out protective natural hairstyle pictorial for spring summer Credit: @actually_ashly via Instagram

7. Low Ponytail– Items needed: A hair tie, edge control/gel, a comb. First part your hair on one side and swoop your bangs across your forehead. Use hair pins to secure. Next, lift the hair at your crown to give hair more shape and volume. Use gel around your hairline to smooth down hair. Secure your hair into a low ponytail with a hair tie. Loosen ponytail for added volume.

natural coily curly textured low ponytail hairstyle for spring summer Credit: @ahfro_baang via Instagram

8. Bantu Knots– Items Needed: Comb and setting lotion. Part your hair into section and apply the setting lotion. Then create the knot and separate when dried.

Bantu Knot pictorial spring summer natural hairstyle Credit: @jd_winters via Instagram

9. Cantu Twists– Items Needed : Cantu shea butter for natural hair.

cantu flat twit for natural kinky 4c hair Credit: @lovelykinkzncurls via Instagram

10. Braid Updo– Items Needed: Comb, hair tie, and 2 bobby pins. This hair style can work on all ages!

quick and easy kid braid updo natural hairstyle pictorial Credit: @hairbykeesh via Instagram

11. Twist Updo– Items Needed: Comb, sock bun, and hair tie.

low manipulation twist updo protective natural hair style Credit: @sumetrareed via Instagram

12. Twisted Half & Half– Items Needed: Comb, clips, and bobby pins.

Twisted Half & Half Natural Hairstyle Pictorial Credit: @shawnte_parks via Instagram

13. Stretched Twist– Items Needed: Stretch plates and foam lotion.

hair steamers for natural hair Credit: @lovelykinkzncurls via Instagram

14. Pig Tails– Items Needed: Hair tie and comb

quick and easy pig tails pictorial for kinky 4c natural hair Credit: @feyisetanidowu via Instagram

15. Spirals– You only need a few pins to achieve this look!

Spirals kinky half updo spring summer hairstyle for African American girl Credit: @limitlessbloom via Instagram

Summer Beach & Pool Protective Natural Hairstyles

Are you one of those ladies who spend a lot of the time at the pool or the beach during the hot summer?  What hairstyles you usually wear at the sand? Do you know what to do when your afro absorbed the salt water?  Here we go beauties! In this post I will show you some durable and showy natural hairstyles for the pool or beach and of course, the natural hair tips for swimming.

Natural Afro

natural afro hairstyle for summer beach Source: darkskinnedblackbeauty.tumblr.com/
natural afro hair at the pool 2 piece set swimsuit gorgeous natural afro hair with 1 piece swimsuit

Twisted / Braided Bun

braided bun for summer beach protective hairstyle twisted bun natural protective hairstyle beach protective natural hairstyle braided bun twisted knot protective natural hairstyle beach style Source: www.instagram.com/katahlia_blue/ & Pinterest &Naptural85

Tidal Braids

tidal braids beach summer prtotective styles

Twist outs

natural coily twist out hairstyle for the pool Source: @dawn_melissa w/ HerGivenHair  in Coily Textures


natural locs hairstyle for summer beach vocation Source: www.rockinthelocs.tumblr.com

If you choose to swim be sure to wash your hair that same day with a clarifying shampoo such as Shea Moisture Black African soap deep cleansing shampoo or Ion’s swimmers shampoo to remove chlorine or salt, which can cause dryness and damage, leaving hair brittle and fading color. follow up with your normal conditioning and styling routine. See more at Stylist ChiChi’s Summer Care Tips for Natural Hair

Enjoy the beach fun.  :) For the showy long hair, you can try out Her Given Hair natural textured extensions.  Shop hair below:

Weaves (3b-4c)

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Clipins (3b-4c)

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

Closures (3b-4c)

kinky textured sewin natural hair closure sewinKinky Textured Closure

coily textured natural hair closure sewinCoily Textured Closure

curly textured natural hair closure sewinCurly Textured Closure

Street Fashion of African American Women: Summer Wear + Natural Hair

Catch the chance to embrace your dark skin and natural hair since summer is here.  lol Summer is sure to be the best time to show off your unique skin tones and hair types. In this post, you will find a variety of  dress and hairstyle ideas for your amazing summer look.

half top know with cool t-shirt and hot short summer fashion for African American women with mini knots natural hairstyle top knot blow out coily natural hairstyle Photo credits: eyesonmyprize/butilovehertoo/chrissiemilan

Top knot or mini knot hairstyles  are really popular this summer. For a causal street look you can try a top knot or half knot, T-shirt and hot shorts.

natural curly hair with white off the shoulder top and hot shorts orange off the shoulder long dress with coily kinky natural hair white off the shoulder blouse with natural 4c hair summer off shoulder white top blouse with coily hair summer look-natural curly hair with off the shoulder blouse Photo credits: dazhaneleah/whitneymadueke/theabenalove /msnaturallymary

If you have a sexy clavicle,  off the shoulder blouse / dress would be your first choice.  To match your entire look, you can try a simply twist out, high bun or just put your medium length curls down.

culy long hair with yellow bare top and hot shorts print summer beach dress with curly natural hair lace top summer wear 2016 with natural 4b 4c hair bra out summer wear ideas with natural big kinky hair Photo credit: dazhaneleah/claudiah_1/imgloriaann

Although summer is really hot, no one can stop your love to the long curly hair.  Bare top with tight skirt would be a good option, especially for a beach vocation.

print dress with natural afro hair for summer street fashion twist out high puff natural hairstyle with print dress Photo credits: butilovehertoo

Kiss the sun by wearing a bright printed dress and big afro or high puff twist out hair!  Prints will highlight your beautiful dark skin tone.

summer street fashion seperates with afro natural hair black seperate dress with curly kinky blow out hair natural afro kinky 4c hair with white seperates white separates with natural coily curly hair Photo credits: posh_syd/MindOfKye_/imgloriaann

Now matter what kind of hairstyle you want to try, a set of separates will highlight your natural beauty.

Camisole hot shorts natural hair fashion for African American girl halter neck white dress for African American natural hair girls Photo credits: niabiafoefia/imgloriaann

Halter dress and camisole gain a lot of  love from African American girls recently.  They will match perfectly with your hot shorts, skirts and of course, you natural hair!

summer fashion street style with natural curly hair Photo credit: lifeofalyra

Any other ideas of summer street fashion for African American girls? To achieve these amazing hairstyles, you can simply try Her Given Hair natural textured hair extensions. :)

Sew-in Weaves (3b-4c)

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Clipins Hair (3b-4c)

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

8 Summer Protective Hairstyles W/ Natural Textured Clipins

Considering the shortness or thinness of your natural hair, there are some beautiful hairstyles you cannot try out this summer, especially when you just big chopped your hair or have short transitioning hair. No worries. To achieve your hair goals, you can try natural textured extensions to add length, volume or even colors to your own hair.  So today I will show you 8 hot summer protective hairstyles created by Youtube gurus using Her Given Hair textured clip ins. These may bring you some inspiration for your summer hair. :)

1. Half Down

summer protective hairstyle braids with curly clipins Tutorial

Products Used: Coily Textured Clip Ins 16 inch x 3

2.  Low Ponytail

low ponytial protective hairstyle with curly clipin extensions
Products Used: Curly Textured Clip Ins 22 inch x 2

3.  Mini Buns

quick and easy mini bun with clipin natural hair extensions Tutorial

Product Used: Curly Clip-ins 14 inch x 1

4.  Top Knot Bun

top knot bun with curly clipin extensions Tutorial

Products Used: Curly Clip-ins 16 inch x 2

5.  Half Mini Top Knot Buns

mini top knot curly natural protective hairstyle summer fashion mini top knot protective natural hairstyle Tutorial 

Products Used: Curly Clip-ins 18 x 20 x 22 inch

6. Heatless Curls on Kinky Straight Hair

curled kinky straight natural hair with Clipin blow out extensions Tutorial 

Products Used: Kinky straight clipins 14 x 16in

7. Twist Out

twist out on natural kinky clipin hair extensions Tutorial 

Products Used: Kinky Clip-in 18″x1, 20″x2

8. Blow Out Bun

blow out kinky natural hairstyle low bun for summer side low bun blow out kinky straight natural hairstyle Tutorial

Products Used: Kinky Straight Clip-ins 16″ x 2

Extensions mentioned above:

kinky clip in hair extensionsKinky Textured ClipinsShop Here

coily clip in hair extensionsCoily Textured ClipinsShop Here

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15 Hot Natural Hairstyle Tutorials for Summer

Are you tired of your simple Afro or daily puff hair? Are you looking for tutorials or how to instructions to invite a fresh summer hairstyle? Here we go! These 15 hot natural hair pictorials will help you out.

1. Last Minute Half Up & Half Down

last minute easy half up half down summer natural hairstyles Photo credit: @igbocurls via Instagram

2.  Perm Rods on Front Bang

how to perm rod on front bang summer natural hairstyle “I did this style on old hair that was previously in twists. I sectioned off a portion in the front for the bang area and put the back of my hair in a simple bun. For the front section I didn’t add any product I just spritzed my hair with water and then flat twisted the hair leaving about an inch or two loose at the end of the twist. I added a perm rod on the end and left the twists and rods in overnight. The next morning I unraveled and fluffed!” by @stasialovescurls

3. Faux Tapered Cut Updo on Natural Hair

summer protective natural hairstyle faux tapered updo This cute natural protective hairstyle is created by @Naptural85, she is so talented in styling natural hair.  Follow her steps to learn this versatile hairstyle which is perfect for weddings, graduations and so on.

 4. Flat Twist N Perm Rod Style

flat twist perm rod summer natural hairstyle For this flat twist and perm rod style @k_moniquebeauty used the @cantubeauty wave whip curling mousse. How pretty she is!

5. Straightened and Curled Natural Hair

straighten and curled natural summer hairstyle This style is really amazing. For the tutorial of it, go check Stylist @truvanity_ ‘s instagram account.

6.  Two Strand Twist Out

two strand twist out protective natural hairstyle Keep your hands out of your hair to keep your hair healthy. Follow @itsmebfairley’s Youtube channel ItsMeBFairley for more stunning protective styles.

7.  Retro Rolled Bangs

retro inspired rolled bang protective natural hairstyle for summer

8.  Easy Knotted Updo for Natural Hair

easy knotted updo natural hairstyle for summer Click here for the tutorial of this updo.

9.  Perm Rods on Natural Hair

perm rod protective natural hairstyle for 4b 4c hair Photo credit: @nae2curly via Instagram

10. Flat Twist Bun 

flat twist bun natural protective hairstyle Check the whole tutorial here.

11. Halo Bun on Natural Hair

halo bun protectiven summer natural hairstyle Check out the tutorial here.

12.  Fluffy Afro

fluffy afro protective summer natural 4c hairstyle Photo credit: @iamnovibrown via Instagram

13.  Braid and Curl

braid and curl protective summer natural hairstyle Check out @fluffcoif’s  tutorial here.

14. Fluffy Twist Out

summer protective fluffy twist out on natural hair Check out @PureEstrogen’s tutorial on her Youtube Channel Pure Estrogen.

15. Bouncy Twist-N-Curl

summer bouncy twist and curl protective styles on natural hair Photo credit: heycurlie via Instagram

Do you love those protective hairstyles? Will you try some of them in this summer? lol Well, for a perfect match you can try @hergivenhair natural hair extensions to create a long hot hairstyle.  Find out your natural texture below:

hergivenhair big promotion on natural hair extensions

Natural Hair Weaves

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Natural Hair Clipins

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

Check out HerGivenHair Reviews if you’re worrying about the quality of it. Don’t miss out this big sale on it.  Enjoy summer time ladies. <3 <3

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