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10 Natural Hair Hacks You Should Know When Traveling

Planning a vacation? Want to look your best with your natural hair? Try out these hacks to ensure a smooth transition! We have complied a list of 10 most useful hack to be aware of when traveling. If you want to make your curly hair life easier then read on! Traveling while natural doesn’t have to be a scary thing. No matter your hair texture or curl pattern, these are bound to help you out on your travels!

  1. Weather Forecast Awareness– Checking this ahead of time will make life so much easier! Especially if it will rain, using Her Given Hair clip ins are essential!  coily natural sleek low ponytail protective style Photo credit: @shantania_beckford via Instagram, using 12″ x 3 bundles of coily clip in extensions.

2. Plane ModeThis is how you can keep a low profile and maintenance look on the go. Comfortable and chic! To avoid TSA mishaps make sure to keep your twist nice and neat underneath, just in case they want to have a look.

natural protective headwraps Photo credit: @naptural85 via Instagram

3. Travel Sized Accessories– Bring your favorite flowers on pins and or elastic headbands to deck out your holiday looks. Don’t forget to add water so that you and your natural hair stays hydrated.

flower for traveling Photo credit: @gowiththefrotour via Instagram

4. T-shirts as towels– If you go swimming or end up washing your hair while on vacation make sure to use your old t-shirt to dry your strands. It won’t snag you natural curls and it helps to lay your hair overnight if needed!  travel with natural textured hair Photo by @simplycyn using 18″ coily  U part wig

5. Perm Rods Twist Knots– Bantus are simple, versatile, and easy to implement. Just moisturize, twist, and add perm rods to the ends to prevent straggly looking ends. Great definition here we come!

bantu knot perm rod protective natural hairstyle for travelling Photo Credit: @curldaze via Instagram

6. Goddess Pin Twists– Power up with your favorite front twist embellished in gold! Bring out your feminine shine and glow. Flat twist as normal and pin down stretched ends to lengthen your curls.

Goddess Pin Twists Natural Protective Style for Summer Travel Photo Credit: @jaazzmary via Instagram

7. Conditioner + oil= Magic– This combo make detangling a breeze when you’re on the road. afro natural kinky 4c hair big hair does care Photo Credit: @sylviachuku via Instagram

8. Edges To Go– Keep a small travel sized container filled with your favorite gel or edge control. Perfect for touch ups and frizzy ends!

kinky afro natural big hair on travelling Photo Credit: @niksytriksy via Instagram using 18″x20″x22″ kinky wefts plus a 16″ kinky lace closure

9. Tie it up!- Attach hair elastics to your key chain for easy access all day long! Braid, twist, and tuck away.

braid and bun natural curly protective summer hairstyle Photo credit: @natures.curls via Instagram using 14″ curly clipin

10. Baby Fresh– Use baby wipes to remove excess oil and dirt from your scalp.

twist out kinky curly natural hairstyle inspiration Photo credit: @theabenalove via Instagram using 18″x 20″ curly wefts + 18″ curly lace closure

10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair While Traveling!
Travel Tips: The Best Protective Style for Natural Girls

Natural Hair Relationship Patterns

Naturalist of the Month

Make sure you shout her out! Vlogger @va_slim25 is one of my favorite naturalistas. I admire how she elegantly wears her hair. She talks about in her Product Empties youtube videos about products that she doesn’t like. These are her desirable things on what she likes and dislikes for her hair. Her definition of hair treatment explains the fun in posting about natural hair. She also notices the change each product brings and how they work. She is also an alumna of the Tennessee State University.

afro natural hair naturalista Twist and Curl Day Healthy Protective Natural Hairstyles

Hair Discussion

Hair Porosity/Communication is something I definitely see as a way of how the hair develops. Communicating the right products that does your hair justice and makes you feel the beauty of your hair.

You can develop hair techniques with Hergivenhair extensions and clip-ins, I will be posting a picture of my hairstyles with the clip-ins. Remember my extensions in an early post, gave me a full look and gave a longer effect of my hair.

hergivenhair natural textured  hair extensions

Hair Personality is defined by the qualities of individuality of your hair.  I long for healthier hair, so I can let my hair down and appreciate ever root. I had some shedding to my hair, so I put a small, medium, and long strand in the toilet. I learned that my hair has low porosity. I have to communicate to my hair through various products to learn how to give my hair what it needs to strengthen. I will do this again in three months and tell you results.

natural hair porosity test

Why should you care for your hair? I know that I will definitely try caring more for my hair. As I see my hair grow, I now can see what products work and do not. This natural hair journey can’t go wrong if you’re planning a destination. Some Effective Ways to Grow Your Natural Hair for your reference if you have problems on it.
healthy natural hair growth journey 2014-2016 How are you falling in love with your hair?  You have to develop a love language your hair.

love your natural afro hair Credit: naturalblkgirlsrock.tumblr.com
natural coily 4a 4b textured hair

What is love beginning to feel like with your hair? I know that developing a relationship will define the character we want for our hair to be. Until next time ladies and beaus, how much water is your hair getting to develop the beauty of health? I met a man who gardens and told me that hair grows just like a plant. Are you watering to much, or are you adding enough water for your hair to flourish. What are ways to notice this? Let’s learn to appreciate what our hair brings now, and it will sparkle for the month.


4 Essential Tips for Transitioning hair From Processed to Natural

4 tips for transitioning hair from processed to natural hair

1. Removal – Slowly but surely you’ll have to cut off all of your processed hair. To avoid the big chop, try to trim your ends regularly. Depending on your personal preference, you can trim 1 inch every 3 months for a slow and gradual change. If you are in a rush to begin your hair journey, you can remove all of the processed hair by doing the Big Chop!

transitioning natural hair tips natural hair journey transitioning from processed to natural hair

2. Treatment– At this stage, your hair is very fragile and should be treated like such. As if it were your new born baby it will require much needed attention. Avoid tension, harsh chemicals, and heat tools. Try to implement more frequent deep conditioning and restorative treatments into your weekly hair routine. This will allow you hair to regain its strength and bounce back with a vengeance!

Top 5 oils for healthy natural hair

3. Styling– During this transitioning stage, how you decide to style your hair will determine the future progress your natural hair. It is important to always moisturize and protect your ends when styling. Avoid tight braids and harsh glue, especially around the edges. Most of the best protective styles include twists, pins, and anything in between. Enjoy this time to experiment with your personal style and have fun creating new looks. protective natural hairstyle high puff flat twist out natural protective hairstyle for transitioning hair braid out half up half down protective natural hairstyle

4. Timing– This is an essential part of your transitioning period. Do not count down the seconds, minutes, hours, or days that you haven’t processed your hair. It’s too easy to get stuck in the dumps about the time passing by and you don’t have your desired length yet. Try to focus on all of the time and energy you have invested into your beautiful, healthy, and natural hair!

how to trim processed hair to healthy natural hair

Before you know it, your hair will be back to its normal length and better than ever before! For more hair inspiration, check out natural hair beauty & style.

P.S. If your hair is shorter or thinner for braid out, twist out or other protective hairstyles to hide your two textures, you can try natural hair extensions to achieve your goals.  Blow are HGH beautiful ladies in wearing textured weaves or clipins.

coily natural textured clipin hair extensions curly natural textured clipin  hair extensions coily natural hair sewin weaves by hergivenhair curly natural textured  hair weavesi wand curled blow out kinky straight hair weaves sew in


kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY


kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

How To: Wash and Go on 4B 4C Natural Hair

Hello ladies! So the number one complaint I get from ladies with tighter coiled hair is shrinkage and that they cannot get their girls to define/pop. After countless products a lot of people have given up and I’m frustrated with trying to achieve defined curls. One of those people. I tried to defy my hair about six years ago and never did it again until two weeks ago.

Some naturals will argue that people are not comfortable with their curl pattern and they need to learn to love the hair as it naturally grows from their scalps and to quit buying products trying to achieve something that their hair just will not do. For me I simply see it is a style change. I am perfectly happy with my curl pattern but sometimes I want to do something different. Don’t get me wrong; there are some people that are struggling with the thought of just being natural and do not like their tight curl pattern what so ever and if that is the case, hopefully this tutorial can help catapult them in the direction of at least wearing their hair out instead of hiding under weaves.

Enough of my soap box LOL. Let’s get into this tutorial. :)

1. First thing you want to do is clarify your hair. You want to get all of the buildup off of your hair because it’s weighing your hair down and not allowing your hair to receive the moisture and products being used to define. I used Avalon Kera Care Moisture Right Shampoo and conditioner. I am more partial to their natural textures line but I really wanted the hair very clean.
 Avalon Kera Care Moisture Right Shampoo and conditioner 2. I applied biosilk miracle leave in on towel dried hair.
biosilk miracle leave in

3. I then finger parted my hair to start from the nape of my neck.
wash and go on natural 4b 4c hair

4. At this point detangle with your favorite tool and then finger comb.

5. After I got out the knots and tangles, I applied shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and ampro protein styl gel and finger combed and used my detangling brush.
shea moisture organic coconut & hibiscus curl enhancing smoothie ampro protein styl gel
Some people can’t stand that gel but that’s what works for me with this method and it’s alcohol free so I’m cool with it. I use other gels for other things however. Once you smooth the product in, your will feel your hair defining and clumping together separating from other curls. Right where you feel your curls natural separating u grab the hair and pull in in a downward motion between the index finger and thumb. If you let it go and the curl is still frizzy, apply a little more gel on that piece to weigh it down. Be sure to concentrate on your roots as well because some people complain that their ends will define but the roots won’t.
detangle your natural hair with fingers

6. Once you have repeated this step all over, shake your head for a while. This will help the curls clump together without frizzing as bad.
7. Gently place your hair in the direction that you want it to go and LET IT DRY or get very close to drying before you go picking in it.
This is directly after shaking
how to dry your natural type 4 hair This is completely dry
natuaral 4c dry hair after wash and go This is after 8-10 hours of being at work and also running errands. It still has a sheen to it, hasn’t shrunken terribly and has some definition left;  there are no flakes, It’s not crunchy, or have residue on the hair.
Dry natural hair after 8-10 hours of work and running errands I really love it! As it dried I did pick at the roots to lift it a little more but that was it. For next day hair I got a spray bottle with water, dampened my hair, and shook my head like crazy. After I saw what curls weren’t as defined I put just a tad bit of gel on my fingers, ran them down the curls, and that was it. You can probably do this method for 3 or so days before having to do it from scratch again. It’s tedious so I don’t recommend doing it 24/7 but it’s definitely a cool style change.  :)

ENJOY! by  Chi Chi

https://youtu.be/wXpWJn9PhwEProducts used:

-Cleansing Products:
Avalon Kera Care Moisture Right Shampoo and conditioner.
-Biosilk Miracle Leave in
-Shea moisture Curl enhancing smoothie
-Ampro prostyle brown gel

hergivenhair natural hair stylist

~~~~~~~~~~~ChiChi’s Recommendations:~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Natural Hair Weaves

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Natural Hair Clipins

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

Stylist ChiChi’s Summer Care Tips for Natural Hair

Hello ladies! My has it been a hot summer so far and I’m sure some if not a LOT of us are having concerns about caring for our tresses. Hopefully this blog will give you some ideas and help combat issues you may have. Now this blog isn’t law and of course different things work for different people; but feel free to try!

The first thing I would suggest is get a GOOD TRIM. Not only does it help retain length by reducing breakage and helping your curls to pop; split damaged, dead ends will not retain moisture.

Some signs that it’s time for a trim are single strand knots, which would resemble this:  tangles, extremely dry & frizzy ends, and you’ll see a lot of breakage (short pieces of hair in the comb or sink).

single strand knots sign for a trim

Your best friend is going to be MOISTURE! After being exposed to the heat and sun, always replenish moisture in your hair by applying a hydrating leave-in treatment.   I’m Partial to the Kera Care Natural Textures leave in if you want to save a little money I’d recommend the Knot today by kinky curly and a heavier one is the moisturizing Leave in by Shea moisture.

conditioners for summer natural hair care

Follow up with a nice water based creamy moisturizer. The Kera Care butter cream is my fave! My clients always ask what I use after I do their hair. Some people really like the she’s moisture curl enhancing smoothie. Another contender is the OYIN hand made Burnt sugar a pomade.

water based creamy moisturizer for summer curly hair

Also, be sure to do a deep conditioning treatment every two weeks or as needed to rejuvenate your hair. That would consist of wearing a cap for a while, sitting under a dryer, or hair steamer. If you do not use heat regularly or have color don’t focus on protein. If you do, mix a protein treatment with your moisture treatment and only so that every 2 months or so, doing just the moisture treatment every 2 or so weeks. If you prefer the more DIY extra natural way, there are so many blogs and videos that you can search to find recipes. One recipe for a daily spritzer that I like is:

moisturizing spritz for dry hair

This is great for wash and go’s, setting up twist outs,  and even when your hair is in a protective style (which is best in the summer).

Sealing oils I like are castor, avocado, jojoba, and Virgin coconut oil. If you have braids or twists, put oil in a nozzle and apply to your scalp and hair every couple of days.  A protective shied from the sun is good ol’ Shea butter. It’s rich in SPF which protects your hair from UV rays. There are actually hair sunscreen store brands that help to protect and they are made by Paul Mitchell, Ojon, Nioxin, and Wella.

Top 4 Sunscreen For Natural Hair

Caring for hair after swimming:

Let’s face it, Chlorine and salt water are hard on hair which aids in our decision to truly swim and don’t forget we probably don’t want to mess up our style either; so we end up sitting poolside trying to be cute or wading in the water. LoL!

If you choose to swim be sure to wash your hair that same day with a clarifying shampoo such as Shea Moisture Black African soap deep cleansing shampoo or Ion’s swimmers shampoo to remove chlorine or salt, which can cause dryness and damage, leaving hair brittle and fading color. follow up with your normal conditioning and styling routine.

With all of the oils and moisturizers used, of course there will be build up. A way to tell is you’ll feel a residue on your strands even after a normal shampoo sometimes. AND you may have trouble keeping your hair moisturized. This is because layers of products can actually restrict moisture from penetrating your strands as well as too much protein.  In this case, definitely clarify your hair. Some people strip with an apple cider vinegar mix or a clarifying shampoo. A more gentle clarifying shampoo is the Quidad Superfruit Clarifying Shampoo.

Quidad Superfruit Clarifying cream shampoo

I have what I call the cheat week philosophy for length and moisture retention. It’s simple; do a protective style for 3 weeks and on the 4th week do what ever you want to your hair. The last thing you want is to feel like you’re in jail and tethered to protective styles. This will keep your hands out of your hair and reduce split ends and dry hAir. Before you know it your 3 weeks will be over and then it’s party time! Try it for a while and let me know how it worked for you!

One last thing!

Be SURE to stay hydrated and eat plenty of greens and proteins! What ever you do on the inside reflects on the outside. Be patient and embrace your hair!

hergivenhair natural hair stylist

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How to Take Care of Your Natural Hair While Swimming

As a fitness expert and trainer, my hair goes through a workout, so I am constantly looking for new styles and great products to care for my hair and accommodate my workout lifestyle.

Recently I was offered a chance to participate in Swim London, an initiative to get adults swimming set up by the ASA (Amateur Swimming Association). Swimming has always been one of my biggest fitness bugbears. I used to worry about how to take care of my hair and protect it from the chlorine. This actually prevented me from swimming and that was one of the main reasons why I couldn’t and didn’t want to swim.

However, never one to shy away from a fitness challenge, I consulted Victoria Akwuagwu, owner of Ziuzo Hair and Beauty, an award winning salon in Lewisham. After visiting her salon she gave me a treatment to set my hair up ready for the challenge ahead and gave me some great hair care tips and advice:

1. Invest in a decent swimming cap, one that fits snuggly.

2. After your swim rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.

3. To help prevent the hair from becoming dehydrated, use a moisturising conditioner.  Leave on for five to 10 minutes before rinsing.

4. Use a leave-in conditioner to detangle and before blow-drying. Alternatively, let the hair air dry before styling and seal with an oil.

5.  For single plaits shampoo your hair twice and allow it to dry naturally or blow-dry. Then apply a light oil to your scalp, such as a blend of almond oil, jojoba oil and coconut oil to moisturise. Vist your salon twice a month for a deep cleanse and conditioning treatments. 

summer natural hair care while swimming


Whatever the fitness challenge, if you struggle to manage your hair, visit your stylist for tips and advice. I have learnt to always keep my scalp moisturized using light oils to prevent excessive dryness. I use the above advice for my hair, look natural and appreciate my fro. I have even found the most amzing afro hair extensions. HerGivenHair, allows me to add length and body to my afro and I can wear the hair confidently when doing sporting activities. Usually afro hair extensions don’t last long, they tend to get knotted but HerGivenHair extensions are very different.

It has been and amazing educational journey and I am still learning .Going natural was the best thing I ever did. Yes, I still wear wigs and it has only been in the post few years that I have dared to brave my afro in public, but I now love this natural feel and it is the inspiration for my LadyXsize fitness brand.

LadyXsize is currently presenting a program on BBC Local Radio. For more detials on her five to 45 minute fitness workouts visit 👉👉

Article source:  Black Beauty & Hair Magazine
Author:  Nana Akua, TV Fitness Guru, BBC Radio Presenter, product expert, writer and Owner of LadyXsize Fitness.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Make A Splash~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

HerGivenHair: kinky, Coily, Curly Textures
Removing Chlorine KeraCare1st LatherShampoo
Restore Mosture Mizani’s MoisturfusionSilk CreamConditioner
Scalp Care DifeelSunflower MegaCare ArganOil
Leave-in Conditioner SyntonicsBotanical Strengthening Serum

Since summer is comming, will you go swimming? What’s your tips for protect your natural hair while swimming? Share below!

Photo gallery on summer lifestyle. :)

summer swim with natural curly hair how to swim with natural hair natural kinky hair summer 2016 swim with coily natural hair extensions summer vacation in Italy with coily natural  hair Photo by @gabriellem_  and @dawn_melissa w/ @HerGivenHair extensions in Coily Textures.

Natural Hair Extensions for Summer 

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How to: Flawless Protective Rod Sets on Natural Curly Hair

A lot of natural girls always ask how I get my rod sets so nice or do I blow dry first. The answer is no! With quality products and the right technique the tightest of kinky, coily curl patterns can look fabulous in a rod set. This blog and video will demonstrate how I achieve my rod sets. My method is the same for flexi rods as well.

protective rod sets on natural curly hair

Depending on your hair density, lifestyle, climate, or how you care for your hair, a Rodset could last up to 3 weeks. Now of course it’s not going to look the same as if it did the first day that you did it. However, you should not have to do your hair for up to two to three weeks. Most people say about two weeks. If you’re one of those people that like to change things up, Pin it on the side, Mohawk it, or puff it once it gets older, then your can get some good wear out of it. Here are some rod sets I’ve done in the past:

Protective natural hairstyles Rod Set on 4c Hair

I am using Kera Care Natural Textures’s leave in, buttercream, and twist and define cream. I also have an oil blend that I use with olive, jojoba, and peppermint essential oil for sealing. For an extra hold I either use the clear African essence gel or the Eco styler gel with argon oil (with the red top) I have found that these products work well with the natural textures line and don’t flake or have a residue.

-On clean hair, apply your favorite leave in conditioner, moisturizer, and oil.
-Detangle and section off in which ever way you desire.
-Starting at the nape of your neck part horizontally a section about 1 1/2″ wide and apply your holding cream and or gel. Use sparingly.
-Part off the first piece to be rolled with your flexi or perm rod. Do not make it too wide because you want to ensure that the roller will be as close to your scalp as possible. You want to prevent your roots from puffing up making your hairstyle look older and not as neat.
-Pull your hair taut and smooth out any loose hairs, add more gel if you need; slide the roller all the way down and wrap the end of your hair around it. Begin to roll the hair one row slightly on top of each other in a spiral still pulling the roller tight as you get closer to the scalp. Secure the roller and move to the next section.
-Repeat until you have completed the whole head and dry. Most people take about an hour or more to dry but do not remove the roller unless the hair is completely dry.
-once dry, remove the rollers and split each curl about three times while wrapping each peace around your fingers in the direction you rolled it to help define the curl as well as smooth out any hairs. If you need to, get a pic and lift at the roots to hide any visible partings.

-Most people use a loose satin bonnet or a satin pillowcase and fluff and shape in the morning. Protective natural hair headband will also do a great help.
-Wear a shower cap while bathing and stay out of the bathroom or either wear the cap until all moisture is out of it.
-Rub a little oil in your hands and scrunch into the curls for a little sheen every 3-4 days but NO water based moisturizers- they will swell and frizz your hair.
-After a while you can separate your hair more but it is not recommended at first because you want to be able to get the most wear out of your hair is possible. Separating too much will make the curl frizzier; the foundation will be weaker and easier to wear out after sleeping, exercising, etc.

Related posts on natural hair care and styling.  http://blog.hergivenhair.com/hairstylists-column/chichi/


hergivenhair natural hair stylist

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Rod Sets Gallary
flawless perm rod set for natural 4b 4c hair protective perm rod sets for natural curly hair natural hair rod set for medium curly hair Photo credit: Instagram/nae2curly

9 Tips to Grow Long Healthy Natural Hair

Hey ladies, these are lot of  tips on how to grow healthy hair. Here I will show you 9 hot tips to keep your hair healthy. If you have any more tips please share them below!
natural healthy kinky 4c 4b hair

1. Low manipulation
Braid outs, twist outs, wash & go, protective styles
2. Wear satin cap or protective headband
You can wear it with a twist out style when you are sleeping.
3. Co-wash
Only applying conditioners when washing hair
4. Detangle w/ widetooth comb
Moisure your hair with detangle
5. Porosity level
Finding your porosity level will guide you to find the right hair products.
natural curly hair porosity test Photo Credit: kriyabotanicals.com

6. Keep a clean scalp
7. Deep condition
You can do deep condition once a week
8. Cut out the heat
9.Trim hair when needed
Watch details here

******Recommended products for healthy natural hair******

hergivenhair bundle hair extensionsKinky Bundle Deals$203+/set

protective hairtubeprotective hairtube$5.99/pc

Natural Hair Tips – Family Tree and Nutrition

Are your roots a little off? Are you indulged in your heritage of hair? Do not fear, for the true essence and value of your hair starts with your ancestral tree of hair. My mom has traction alopecia. I have fine and coarse hair. DNA is designed per person, and I WILL NOT have alopecia. In Curly Nikki’s blog, Cassidy illustrates fine hair oh so well, take a look:

“First, there are really two spectrums of hair that we’re talking about here:

  • the thickness of a strand of hair (fine-medium-coarse)
  • the density of follicles on the head (thin-medium-thick)

Fine hair can be placed into two camps.  First, there are those (like me) who have lots fine hair whose follicles are placed very close together (thick) and those whose fine hair follicles are placed further apart and the hair is thin.” Below is a picture of my hair.

healthy coarse natural hair by courtney

Avocado in hair! Major difference.

Food and Hair is the best combination for your hair. I choose to use avocado for protein for my dense and fine hair. I want to make sure it leaves the softness, and build stronger coils.

Generally, the classifications of hair density are thin, medium, and thick, and are unrelated to the texture of the hair. The average head has approximately 2,200 strands of hair per square inch, and a total of approximately 100,000 hairs.’-hairfinder.

Your hair has a nutritional value system that should lead to major instructions for maintenance. What food choices are you eating to better increase thickness of your coils? I live a pescatarian lifestyle, because I lack major protein and iron.  I drink 3 bottles of natural spring water, to water my tree limbs.  Sometimes my edges break off, I then know that I need to bring nutritional value to my body. I definitely can tell based off my hair shaft growing or breaking off. I believe that healthy choices of food and water aid this.

Although genetics — not your protein intake — generally determine whether you have fine or coarse hair, protein deficiency can cause changes in the color and texture of your hair, according to MedlinePlus.

What vitamins are you deficient in that are causing hair loss? I mention what my deficiencies are above. Alopecia, does this run in your family? I have taken the cause to study my history of hair and learn more about it, you should as well. Sorry for the delay.


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