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15 Superb Natural Hairstyles for Weddings

Is your big day approaching? Want to keep your hair natural for the big day? We’ve got the perfect solutions! Weather it is naturally your or looks like it could be, there is something for everybody.  More and more naturals are showcasing their natural hair for their wedding day experiences! Everyone should bear witness to the natural beauty that we all possess! Here are 15 absolutely superb wedding hairstyles for your gorgeous natural hair.

  1.  Flower Fro– Create a mini flower arrangement and place it on the sides of your hair. This will add the nature element to your look.

flower afro bridal natural hairstyle for wedding Credit: divalocity.tumblr.com

2.  Locs Updo– If you already have locs, than this look was made for you!

bridal locs updo natural wedding hairstyle

3.  Vailed TWA– Want to rock your beloved TWA on you big day? Here’s how to spice it up! A vail can instantly boost your look. By choosing a short one could frame your face, while a longer one can add more of a dramatic effect when walking down that aisle.

short TWA bridal wedding hairstyle with vail Credit: @flavianamatata

4.  Garnished Braids– Try having your traditional boxed or micro braids coiled up and away. Add green garnish, or any colors that are a part of your wedding theme. This will create a softness that gives an angelic vibe.

Garnished Braids Bridal Wedding Hairstyle Credit: hillcitybride

5.  Massive Mane– Here’s is an unapologetic look for your big day. If you’re going to be surrounded by friends and family, all of your loved ones are sure to be impressed by your boldness. Sticking to your natural roots is never a bad choice.

natural bride with full hair Credit: blackgirllonghair.com

6.  Flat Twist Updo– This look is great if you are going for extremely formal with an edge of a twist.

flat twist updo wedding hairstyle for natural bride

7. Twist Out Crowned– The night before, continue with your normal twist out routine. Then right before your look is completed, just add your hair crown jewelry to look like the queen you are!

crowned twist out bridal natural hairstyle for wedding

8. Natural Updo with jeweled vail– This look is perfect for those who wants a low maintenance style. Just secure your hair with bobby pins, add your jeweled vail, and you’re ready to get married!

natural kinky updo natural wedding hairstyle for bride Credit: @dionnesmithhair

9. Flower Flip Over– This is a great look for destination weddings. All you need is a fresh flower. Flip over your hair and pin it behind your ear. Simple and elegant!

Flower Flip Over Bridal Wedding Hairstyle for Naturals Credit: @most_high_elements

10.  Senegalese Twist Top Knot– Keeping it clean and simple. Add a white flower if you feel inclined!

Senegalese Twist Top Knot Bridal Hairstyle for Natural Hair Credit: weddingdigestnaija.com

11.  Sleek Weave– If your hair is stretched out, this would work perfectly for you. Sleek back your hair and secure it with a decorative pin. Then roll twist the remaining hair into a basket weaving motion to create the desired pattern.

Sleek Weave Bridal Natural Hairstyle for Wedding Credit: @blowoutdiva101

12. Chic Updo– To create this look and give it an airy affect, try blowing out your hair to give a weightless look.

chic updo wedding natural hairstyle for elegant bride

13.  French Gem– This look has a very Parisian feel due to the subtleties and strength behind it. By adding hair gems throughout the hair helps to intensify the look even more.

French Gem updo natural hairstyle for elegant bride Credit: @t_turn_photography

14. Wash n Go Pinned– You could stick to your regular wash and go routine but to make it extra special add a special pin. This pin should be extra special to tie this look together.

wash and go pinned natural hair wedding hairstyle
Credit: @antidotestreet

15. Rock n Roll– This look is for the bold! Gather your hair to the front and roll it to create a bouffant.

Rock n Roll Chic Wedding Hairstyle for Natural Hair Bride Credit: @afribelle_weddings

Remember that each and every one of these looks are perfectly acceptable for any wedding occasions. So, weather you are the bride to someone who is just attending, don’t be afraid to try out these looks. Have fun and good luck!

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Rocking Natural Hair in Important Special Occasions

It must be meaningful to rock your natural hair in some special occasions like weddings, parties or others. No matter what hair type or length you are, you will find that you’re not the only one to slay natural curls in important occasions. Check out the photos below to see how beautiful those naturals are. Red Carpet Not everyone has the chance to walk on the red carpet, but you can have the same afro, kinky or curly hair to show your fashion taste like those black celebrities. natural hair in formal occasion @teyonahparris natural afro big hair in red carpet Instagram/teyonahparris Wedding Natural hair bride Arielle's beach wedding beach wedding for natural afro bride natural hair inspiration for brides with curly kinky hair strand twist bridal hairstyle for african american black women Credit: Bridal Musings/Munaluchi Bridal Maternity Shoot beach maternity shoot by natural hair mummy to be pregnancy  push me into the arms of @hergivenhair coily sew-in bundles by @ispeakvolumes maternity shoot for natural mom-to-be Instagram/ispeakvolumes/mz_k_versatile/missdunnieo Interview work interview in natural kinky 4c hair What’s your thoughts of these? Do you want to wear your curls in a  big occasion?  :)

7 Superb Natural Hair Bridal Hairstyles for Summer Weddings

There is no doubt that summer is one of the most popular seasons for wedding. How romantic when think of the charming scenery, blooming flowers, gorgeous wedding dresses, etc. While in fact, there are lot of things to do for a wonderful wedding. One important thing the natural brides-to-be have to consider is how to style their curls. No worres ladies. No matter what hair you have now, big chops, long locks or whatever, these 7 super awesome natural hairstyles will provide you with some inspiration to find the perfect one for your summer wedding 2016 / 2017. 
black bridal hairstyles for natural kinky hair

1. French Braid on Curls
If your hair is in a medum length, you can try this lovely hairstyle. It’s super awesome and charming. How pretty your would be in this wedding hair. It works perfect with a  “Valencia” style wedding dress as shown in the below picture.
French braid natural kinky bridal hairstyle for summer wedding Photo credit: Cheri Pearl Photography

2. Blow Out Updo
Separate your hair on the crown to the top of your head and create a French roll by twisting and securing with bobby pins. Brush the sides and the back into a ponytail then twist and wrap hair around in a full bun. Easy, right? This style is pefect for any formal events, like red carpet, wedding, etc. Well, for a destination or beach wedding, ask your stylist to do a braided updo for you.
Teyonah Parris's french roll blow out natural hairstyles for wedding natural hair updo bridal hairstyle for beach wedding

3. Havana twists
This twisted updo hair created by @msnaturallymary looks super elegant espeically matched with the chariming accessories. This bridal hairstyle suits for beach wedding as well.
summer natural hair protective bridal hairstyles Havana twists

4. Natural Curls
Natural hair is versatile. You can simply wear your natural curls in your big day. If you don’t want it looks so simply, add some accessories like headbands, flowers and so on.
natural kinky hair bridal hairstyles for summer wedding natural hair bride with natural afro hair and ball gown black bridal hairstyle for natural kinky hair Photo credit:  therighthairstyles.com/bayydayy

5. Goddess Updo w/ Floral Headpiece
Codie chose this hairstyle on her wedding day to match with her off the shoulder bridal dress, which truly complimented the dress and her clavicle area.
Goddess updo natural curly bridal wedding hairstyles for black women Photo credit: naturalhairbride.com

6. Crochet Braids
Crochet hair is popular among naturalistas and it would be a good option for bridal hairstyle. A backless wedding dress, natural crochet brides will definitely make you stand out in your wedding ceremony. 
crochet braids protective natural hair bridal hairstyles Photo credit: Holly Arie Photography

7. Romantic Twists
Like the free style, twisted natural hair is also a good option for summer wedding that will show your natural personality very well.
natural hair twist out bridal hairstyles Photo credit: Grace Kathryn Photography

Hope these hairstyles will bring you some inspiraiton ladies. Wedding is a hard tast cause of lot of things to be considered. Choose your beautiful dress first and then select a matching hairstyle.

If your natural curls are short  or thin for those styles, you can wear some curly hair weaves or clipins to add more length and volume to your hair, like picture shows below.

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