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15 Box Braids Colors & Styles for Summer Fun 2017

Box Braids with color and style are cute and fun! Here were have the top 15 looks that include all the best colors and styles. From the hottest celebrities like Beyoncé to the average Joe like you, anyone can successfully slay this look without going insane! I have yet to meet another black person who hasn’t had box braids at least one time in their life! We have all tried it and for the most part loved it. When it comes to box braids you can choose to make them micro, normal, or jumbo size. Like most protective hairstyles, the worst part is taking out all of that hard work. Some of Box Braids; perks include low maintenance, highly versatile, and blog approval! This classic hair style can be any color and or length to match your personal style.

  • Hat Top Off

hat top off box braids protective style for African American women @awedbymoni via Instagram

  • Bun

protective bun style box braids with charms @patressee_ via Instagram

  • Deep Plum

Deep Plum Box Braids for Summer Fun @dallasb_l_a_z_e via Instagram

  • Bantu Knot

black skin bantu knot box braids

    • White Out

white grey box braids protective style @raki_blessed  via Instagram

  • Black and White

black and white long box braids for summer @boxbraidsbeauties via Instagram

  • Bright Purple

bright purple box braids African American Protective Style

  • Blond Storm

blonde box braids for African American women

  • Mini Triangle

Mini Triangle blonde brown box briads protective style for summer @saida_dyson via Instagram

  • Clean Bob

Clean Bob Box Braids with Charms @xonicoleo via Instagram

  • Ombre Ponytail

ombre brown box braids for African American women @freedomstyles2 via Instagram

  • Big Box

big box braids protective styles for summer fun

  • The Frays

The Frays Protective Box Braids @FASHIONBOMBDAILY via Instagram

  • Honey Bun Roll

Honey Bun Roll Box Braids @nikxofficial via Instagram

  • Mini mouse

mini mouse buns box braids for summer @napiaswarovski via Instagram

Box Braids are a convenient protective hair style that never goes out of style. They are also easy to take care of. With the open parting it makes moisturizing easier than ever. Thin braids are perfect for the illusion of micro braids. They mimic a loose strand like texture that is easy to manipulate and style. Beware that the smaller the braid the more weight that your head will carry.

Overall they are fairly simple to do but when in doubt just do a quick search on YouTube or seek out your local beautician for back up. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to simple Box Braids. Almost every hair salon has or knows someone that can bring your looks to life! The most daunting task is actually sitting and waiting for your hair to be complete. So make sure to bring all of your favorite snacks and magazines for the estimated 5 hour ride. In the mist of things, don’t forget to monitor your edges to make sure they don’t disappear in the process!

Top 8 Moisture-Friendly Natural Hair Styles

Bantu Knots– These are perfect, especially after wash day. Once your natural hair is cleansed you can saturate your hair from root to tip with your favorite oils. Then add some edge control to completely finish off your look. This look is great for moisture retention because it leaves the majority of your natural hair unexposed. The least of your hair is exposed the least likely your hair will be able to lose its moisture.

bantu knot protective natural hairstyle moisture friendly style

Up-do– Quick and easy! This look can be achieved with a simple tuck and roll. After you have already detangled and moisturized your natural hair, you can now begin to style. Start with the back by rolling the hair in an upward motion and securing it with several bobby pins. Next, tuck the front hair section in to the upward roll. Voila!

updo natural hairstyle moisture friendly protective style Credit: @whitneymadueke via Instagram

Box Braids– This is a great hair style for naturals who want to keep their hair correct in a bomb protective style! Box braids are the perfect hair style that makes adding moisture a breeze. By using a plastic applicator tipped bottle filled with your favorite oils, you can safely and regularly moisturize your natural hair in a flash.

box braids moisture friendly protective natural hairstyle Credit: @elenitekeste via Instagram

Wigs– Don’t want to fuss around with your natural hair too much? You won’t have to if you decide to use a HGH Wig! With this style you can add moisture as needed without ruining your over all look.

coily natural hair U part wig moisture friendly hairstyle Credit: @msnaturallymary using Coily U part wig

Twistout/ Braidout – Old faithful. These are great for the carefree natural haired beauty. Just moisturize your hair and braid and or twist it as normal. Then, in the morning, unravel your luscious locs. Shake and be on your way to a great day!

twist out braid out natural hairstyle moisture friendly style Credit: @shalleenkaye via Instagram

Cornrows– These types of braids are ideal for easy access. You can use your hands or an applicator to routinely apply moisture to your natural hair. The only hair routine you need to maintain this style is to nightly wrapping your hair with a silk scarf.

Cornrows moisture friendly black women hairstyle

Marley twists– You can achieve this look with extensions as a protective hair style. Similar to the box braids, retaining moisture with this look is easy due to the open partings.

Marley twists moisture friendly natural hairstyle Credit: @makeupbyjalesse via Instagram

Head Wrap– Grab any bold printed fabric and wrap it around your natural hair. This works extremely well with freshly washed hair. This will help to stretch out your hair without using any heat.

print head warp for natural hair Credit: @wanderlustcurls via Instagram

Fall Street Fashion: HerGivenHair Natural Hair

For naturals, colder weather may cause hair dryness and breakage. But don’t be scary, because you can still rock some fashionable and awesome looks no matter it is in Fall or Winter seasons.  Protective styles will keep your locks in check.

Follow HerGivenHair Gurus & Customers steps to catch the street fashion this year.  All of them are using #hergivenhair natural textured extensions.  ✨✨

afro kinky natural hair by ronkeraji afro kinky textured 4c big natural hair fall hair inspiration big hair does care natural kinky hair rocks this fall kinky afro natural hair by ronkeraji with hergivenhair Extensions @ronkeraji used:
kinky wefts 18in x 20in x 22in

blow dried kinky straight natural hair by lifeofalyra Extensions @lifeofalyra Used:
Kinky straight wefts 16in x 18in x 20in

puff natural hair by kelechiloves Extensions @kelechiloves used:
Kinky Clipin 16in x 18in

4a coily twist out protective natural hair inspiration by kymamonai Extensions @kymamonai used:
Coily wefts 14in x 3

low braids protective styles blow dried kinky straight hair by pureestrogen Extensions @pureestrogen used:
Kinky straight wefts 14in x 16in

kinky textured natural hair autumn fashion inspiration by tonaturali Extensions @tonaturali used:
Kinky clipon 18in x 2

twist out protective styles kinky coily hair by ve_natural @ve_natural

protective curly natural hair inspiration by @_laurenlovesyew Extensions @_laurenlovesyew used:
Curly wefts 24in x 3

Bantu knot out protective natural hair style by yourslyvona Extensions @yourslyvona used:
Curly Wefts Hair 18″20″22″

Do you love those natural hair styles?  HerGivenHair will be your first choice for amazing natural textured extensions and wigs.

Weaves (3B-4C)

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Clipins (3B-4C)

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

Closure (3B-4C)

kinky textured sewin natural hair closure sewinKinky Textured ClosureShop Here

coily textured natural hair closure sewinCoily Textured ClosureShop Here

curly textured natural hair closure sewinCurly Textured ClosureShop Here

Her Given Hair Wefts for the Protective Chunky Twist Out

If search online, you will find that there are so many protective styles to keep your natural curls in a good condition. Hair youtuber @Gloria Ann will show you an easy way to style your hair in the hot chunky twist out in use of hergivenhair kinky wefts and closure. You can do this style no matter your real hair is short or long.  Now, just follow Gloria’s steps to learn how to do this stunning protective style.
4c kinky hair weave from hergivenhair via imgloriaann Since Gloria’s natural hair is 4b/4c mixted textures, she chose the kinky type from Her Given Hair to blend with her kinks.

Extensions she used:
KinkyTextured Wefted Hair
18 inch x2.5,
Kinky Textured Hair closure
18 inches x1

Sew them in a wig

Styling Steps:
1. Co-wash it w/ OGX Tsubaki blossom Conditioner.
2. Install the wig on your head
3.  Detangle your hair
4. Twist them into small pieces with Leave-in Conditioning Cream
5.  Warp your hair with protective headband. Hang or Lay flat to day overnight.
6.  Apply jojoba oil in the morning.
hergivenhair hair wefts for chunky twist out protective styles For the styling details, just watch the tutorial below.

Comment below if you have any question on this protective style. :)

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