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10 Natural Hair Hacks You Should Know When Traveling

Planning a vacation? Want to look your best with your natural hair? Try out these hacks to ensure a smooth transition! We have complied a list of 10 most useful hack to be aware of when traveling. If you want to make your curly hair life easier then read on! Traveling while natural doesn’t have to be a scary thing. No matter your hair texture or curl pattern, these are bound to help you out on your travels!

  1. Weather Forecast Awareness– Checking this ahead of time will make life so much easier! Especially if it will rain, using Her Given Hair clip ins are essential!  coily natural sleek low ponytail protective style Photo credit: @shantania_beckford via Instagram, using 12″ x 3 bundles of coily clip in extensions.

2. Plane ModeThis is how you can keep a low profile and maintenance look on the go. Comfortable and chic! To avoid TSA mishaps make sure to keep your twist nice and neat underneath, just in case they want to have a look.

natural protective headwraps Photo credit: @naptural85 via Instagram

3. Travel Sized Accessories– Bring your favorite flowers on pins and or elastic headbands to deck out your holiday looks. Don’t forget to add water so that you and your natural hair stays hydrated.

flower for traveling Photo credit: @gowiththefrotour via Instagram

4. T-shirts as towels– If you go swimming or end up washing your hair while on vacation make sure to use your old t-shirt to dry your strands. It won’t snag you natural curls and it helps to lay your hair overnight if needed!  travel with natural textured hair Photo by @simplycyn using 18″ coily  U part wig

5. Perm Rods Twist Knots– Bantus are simple, versatile, and easy to implement. Just moisturize, twist, and add perm rods to the ends to prevent straggly looking ends. Great definition here we come!

bantu knot perm rod protective natural hairstyle for travelling Photo Credit: @curldaze via Instagram

6. Goddess Pin Twists– Power up with your favorite front twist embellished in gold! Bring out your feminine shine and glow. Flat twist as normal and pin down stretched ends to lengthen your curls.

Goddess Pin Twists Natural Protective Style for Summer Travel Photo Credit: @jaazzmary via Instagram

7. Conditioner + oil= Magic– This combo make detangling a breeze when you’re on the road. afro natural kinky 4c hair big hair does care Photo Credit: @sylviachuku via Instagram

8. Edges To Go– Keep a small travel sized container filled with your favorite gel or edge control. Perfect for touch ups and frizzy ends!

kinky afro natural big hair on travelling Photo Credit: @niksytriksy via Instagram using 18″x20″x22″ kinky wefts plus a 16″ kinky lace closure

9. Tie it up!- Attach hair elastics to your key chain for easy access all day long! Braid, twist, and tuck away.

braid and bun natural curly protective summer hairstyle Photo credit: @natures.curls via Instagram using 14″ curly clipin

10. Baby Fresh– Use baby wipes to remove excess oil and dirt from your scalp.

twist out kinky curly natural hairstyle inspiration Photo credit: @theabenalove via Instagram using 18″x 20″ curly wefts + 18″ curly lace closure

10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair While Traveling!
Travel Tips: The Best Protective Style for Natural Girls

10 Easy Ways to Protect Your Hair While Traveling!

If you haven’t realized already, I have been rocking the most A-MAY-ZING hair extensions by Her Given Hair! I have gone hiking, scuba diving, played in the snow and travailed through a hot, humid, summer with these extensions.
10 easy ways to protect your natural hair while traveling

These two bundles of 16”, coily, hair has been through it all!

With the help of Atlanta-based celebrity stylist Kelli Kibble, here are ten ways to protect your hair (real or ‘yours because you bought it’) in any weather or terrain while traveling!

  • If you are going swimming, soak your hair with water there the night before. Hair is a sponge, soaking hair in water will protect your hair from the harmful water like chlorine and salt water.
  • Use a neutralizing shampoo after swimming, especially for natural and colored hair. This shampoo helps to remove chlorine and deactivate color from turning another color (blonde highlights could turn green!). If you have relaxed hair, chlorine could be harmful as well. Rachel in Travel in Cuba with coily natural hair

Hot, Humid, Big Hair in Havana

  • Travel with a satin pillow case! We all have them… you know those nights where we come home late and exhausted, and the LAST thing you want to do is wrap our hair!
  • Travel with your shampoo and conditioner. Take your hair care system with you!
  • Drink LOTS of water! Hydrate! Your hair will thank you for it Scuba Diving in Sydney with coily weaves

Twisted Hair While Scuba Diving in Australia

  • Protect your hair like you protect your skin. Coat your hair in a moisturizing, leave-in conditioner, which will create a coating to protect it from harmful elements, like the sun and dangerous water (see point #1).
  • If you’re going somewhere cold, try to avoid wool scarves. These can damage your hair from the friction. Use cotton or microfiber scarves as an alternative option. Detangled natural hair in using coily extensions

Detangled Hair 

  • Before and after swimming, detangle hair then put into twists/braids to prevent tangles!
  • Try protective styles, like @hergivenhair for a sew-in, braids, or wear a hat!
  • DO NOT flat iron your hair every day! I know it can be tough ladies. You can easily cause heat damage in just one weekend!

What are some ways you protect your hair while traveling?

*Sponsored Post by HerGivenHair and celebrity stylist Kelli Kibble.

Source: http://racheltravels.com/10-easy-hair/

Extensions Rachel used: 16″ x 2 coily hair weaves

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Kiss the Sun with Beautiful Natural Hair

Recently,  so many women start their vacation since summer has arrived. What’s your travel destination, beach, jungle or famous places like Paris? As a travelling natural, you need to make a  full preparation to put essentials in your bag, such as spray bottle, swim cap, bobby pins and so on.  If you want to shoot some beautiful selfies, flower crown or clip-in extensions would be helpful. Don’t be hesitated to go outside and embrace your natural personality ladies!  Let’s enjoy other girls gorgeous traveling shoots.

in jungle with a natural curly hair beach vocation in wearing natural hair @dazhaneleah’s vocation in Saint Lucia

Chi Chi in Paris with twist out ombre natural hair Stylist Chi Chi (@chi_style) in Paris

summer beach vocation natural beauty with afro hair summer trends natural afro hair with off the shoulder white dress for African American women @syddalila in Punta Cana

black travel in Cuba natural coily twist out hairstyle Rachel in Travel in Cuba with coily natural hair @Racheltravel in Cuba
Travel in Austin with beautiful natural curly hair @ravenchiq in Austin
beach vocation with natural coily hair Photo credit: @gabriellem_

swim with natural kinky blow out hair @whitneymadueke in Lagos, Nigeria

summer shoot with natural kinky blow out hair and flower crown kinky straight blow out hair with print summer dress Photo credits: @kinkystyles1980

Travel with beautiufl natural hair mini top knots summer travel vacation natural kinky hair trend @prosciuttoinmybrie in Firenze

natural curly hair summer vacation hair inspiration summer trend crochet maxi dress with natural kinky afro hair travel around the world with curly natural hair lace top summer wear 2016 with natural 4b 4c hair

Do you love their traveling photos? Share yours below. :) To achieve their amazing hairstyle, you can simply wear HerGivenHair natural hair extensions. All of them are made of virgin hair. Ranging from 3b-4c you can find your matched textures easily. <3

Weaves (3b-4c)

kinky textured weavesKINKY

coily textured weavesCOILY

curly textured sew in natural hair weavesCURLY

Clip-ins (3b-4c)

kinky clip in hair extensionsKINKY

coily clip in hair extensionsCOILY

curly textured clip in natural hair extensionsCURLY

Kinky Straight Hair

kinky straight blow out hair closurekinky straight Closure

kinky straight blow out hair weavesBlow Out Weaves

kinky straight blow out clipin hair extensionsBlow Out Clip-ins

Travel Tips: The Best Protective Style for Natural Girls

It’s interesting to travel with natural hair. However, there are lots of things need to be prepared before the trip like how to style it, how to keep it moistured, what hair products can be chosen? No worries! Just follow Rachel’s steps to travel around the world with the best protective natural hair!!!
black travel guide
Y’all. Let me be completely honest. I real-life hadn’t rocked weave since Jan 2012. The reason I remember the date so vividly is because I was in DC for Obama inauguration!I was wearing what I thought was ‘natural’, kinky hair, but to make a long story short -it was matted, tangled, and terrible after 1 week! I took it out as soon as I got home and vowed to never wear weave AGAIN!

Then, HerGivenHair reached out and wanted me showing how their hair keeps up in various climates! As much as I travel, I needed something to hold up in different environments and terrains. I agreed and now I am in LOVE with this hair!!!

Here Are 7 Reasons I Love This Hair:

1.  I have been wearing this hair (as a sew-in) since Nov ’15 (obviously taken out and re-installed). Most people think this is my real hair!
2. It feels super soft and reacts like the hair that comes out of my scalp. When it ishumid outside – the hair it gets puffy. If I don’t comb it – it gets tangled.
3.  I love that it comes in 3 different textures which exactly mimics the hair that comes out of your head. It blends really well!
4.  I’ve worn the SAME two bundles of hair since NOVEMBER 2015 (this is written in April ’16!) and the hair is still thick and luscious!
5.  You can press this hair straight, curl wand it, roller set it, etc and it STILL bounces back! (set photo below)
6.  You can color it and it doesn’t disturb the texture or curl of the hair (mine isn’t
colored by my friend dyed her hair and it reacts the same way).
7.  It’s super affordable and can be worn over and over again!

The Hair That I’ve Been Rockin’ Is two bundles of 16”, Coily Hair Weaves.

Here are some details about the hair:

1.  Coily hair is hair that has been tailored to match 3C & 4A hair.
2.  It is very lightweight, soft, and bouncy.
3.  Blends with most hair textures (I am a 4A-C and it blend perfectly!).
4. Coily hair is tighter than curly, looser than the Kinky texture.
5.  Medium lustre. Again blends really well with healthy natural hair.
6. Hair can be washed, colored, styled and heat can be applied safely without damaging the hair.

On top of all of that… I have worn this hair in various climates from humidity, cold, desert. And I also worn it when hiking, diving and so on.

Check out the photos on wearing hergivenhair weaves when traveling below:

black and blue in iceland rachel travel in iceland in wearing hergivenhair coily weaves Morocco travel with rachel in morocco in wearing hergivenhair

Scuba Diving in Sydney
Scuba Diving in Sydney with coily weaves

Hiking in Sydney
Hiking in Sydney @racheltravels

If you’re interested in checking out the hair and more reviews CLICK HERE!

What is your favorite protective style to rock while traveling?


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