Tapered Cut, Highlights and Style on Natural Hair

In this video I showcase what is called bob hair cut weather straight or natural, but a more trendy name for us natural girls is the “tapered fro” haircut. Many people are opting for this style because it’s sassy, can be cut in so many different variations, and is a breath of fresh air from the regular ol’ fro.

Since it’s the summer a lot of people are choosing to add a little color which is always nice! I simply did a basic foil technique for her highlights in her crown to spice up her cut. Will not disclose the color used because you all should be getting that done professionally instead of DIYing. But the products used were my favorite go to; Kera care Natural Textures leave in, buttercream, and twist and define cream. For an extra hold I used a tad bit of African essence clear gel.

On the bottom and sides, I just put some gel between my fingers and defined her curls by the shingling method. For the top I simply flexi roded her hair. After it dried I gently picked at her roots to lift and there you have it! A fire summer style!


hergivenhair natural hair stylist

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One thought on “Tapered Cut, Highlights and Style on Natural Hair”

  1. Love your post! I have your hair related products and it works well. Now, my hair shines a lot. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful products with us.


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