[Testing Report] 360 Lace Frontal Wig Feedback from @nitarrh

We did a 360 lace frontal free trial test contest on our Instagram (@hergivenhair) last month and @nitarrh is one of the lucky ladies. After couple of days we got her feedback. Can’t wait to share her experience with you all.

kinky 360 lace frontal wig from hergivenhair

Thank you again for the opportunity to test and review your new product; the 360 lace frontal wig (20″ Curly Size M). Kindly find my honest thoughts below:

Packaging: Top Notch. I appreciate the extra combs and adjustable strap. The handbook is a key element although I believe it was specifically for a U-part wig description. Please work on getting a handbook done for the 360 lace wig as application differs.(Sure thing! We will make a new pamphlet for lace units.)

hergivenhair 360 lace frontal wig 1
hergivenhair 360 lace frontal wig 2


Very good! I love how the hair came! It is up to the customer to fluff or leave as it is.

Texture: is amazing, has the same elasticity as one’s natural hair. Soft, bouncy and great curl definitiom, especially when wet.
Shedding: There is quite some shedding but maybe that could be worked on. Although seeing as natural-textured hair sheds, that might not be a huge problem. Some customers might just not fancy it.

Whenever the curls shrink or matte up, I simply spray water liberally all over and distribute, and my wig is as good as new! Quality is top notch!

Pattern :
I noticed the unit came in a center part and I found that the 2 side parts were too close to one another. Some persons prefer their side part farther away from the center part.

Upon first application, the wig fit perfectly.  This was before cutting off the extra lace around the wig. After cutting, I found the wig didn’t lay as easily as it did before. It was dare I say, too much of an exact fit. I do have sideburns so I did have a bit of a struggle hiding them at the point of installation.
I suggest the wigs to be made with a little allowance if possible for the benefit of those that have an exceedingly full hairline amongst other purposes.


Wanna slay your Her Given Hair 360 lace wig unit, getting it as close to ‘natural’ as podsible? Then it begins from the foundation.

Step 1:
Plait your entire head of hair into cornrows (or “DIDI” which is sort of an inward/reverse weaving technique that aids the hair to lay totally flat rather than cornrows)
I suggest persons with  fuller / longer hair should take the choice of DIDI – which is what I did.
Note: The ends of each plaited section should be joined to the next to form a  chain, whose finished single plait should be sown unto the plaits in a vertical fashion as shown in the photo below.

braiding before 360 lace frontal wig installation

Step 2:
Clean perimeter of forehead with rubbing alcohol to disinfect and cleanse dirt and grease that may prevent the glue from working effectively. Shown in photo below

cleaning before installation

Step 3:
Size up your wig. Fit wig unto head and lay as flat as possible. Make sure all points of the unit reach their intended point of hold. At this point you may cut off the excess perimeter of lace after ensuring the unit is an exact fit. Photo below

lay the 360 lace frontal wig on your head

Step 4 (optional)
Use a brown pencil ( in my case ) to outline your forehead, very close to the outer corners of the wig. This will help you during application and serve as a landmark so you don’t hold the unit at a frontal point that affects the hold of all other points at the back and side regions.
Photo below


Step 5:
Apply a layer of your desired lace glue directly on top of the outline sketched previously and allow to get tacky.
Note: Be careful to apply the glue just in front of the hairline. This is to avoid getting the wig glued directly to your edges. This will keep your edges safe and prevent them being pulled or broken off.
Test tackiness with your fingers at intervals. Once tacky, go in with two more layers (or extra ) to be safe. The more glue you apply, the longer the hold. Photo below

applying the glue way to apply glue on hairline

Step 6:
Carefully position the center of the wig at the center of your forehead  (use the sketch and glue as a landmark ).
Once the center is secure, go ahead to secure the two sides on either side of the center pattern.
Tip: Use fore finger or middle finger to rub on the front line of the lace wig. This force will enhance and encourage hold.

lay the wig on your head how to install the 360 lace frontal wig

Step 7:
Once front section of the wig set, proceed to set either side of the unit.
Apply glue to the side you wish to begin with. Once tacky, proceed to connect unit to that side.Again, rub with finger of choice to encourage hold. Proceed to other side and repeat. Make sure either side is completely dry before proceeding to the next to avoid the wig slipping off and prevent re-application of glue which is not recommended for the safety/health of your skin and hairline.

Step 8:
Unto the back section of the unit, make sure the front and sides of the unit are properly laid.and secure.
Proceed to pull taut but gently the unit below the hairline at the back as you did at the front. Asides saving your edges, this keeps your edges hidden, giving the appearance that the hair from the wig unit is growing directly from the scalp. This is especially important is your natural hair isn’t the same texture as that of the wig unit.
Apply glue (2-3 layers) with intervals in between.

gule on 360 lace wig

Step 9:
Retrace your steps and assess the hold of the entire perimeter of the unit ,section by section (front, sides, back).
You may use a hair dryer to encourage faster drying or let the glue air dry further.
Optional : You may tie a head scarf round the perimeter of the unit (lasting about 10-20 minutes) to enhance hold and prevent lifting of edges.

glue on the back of your head

Step 10:
Style your wig whichever way you want – ponytail, center part, side part, all back – it’s up to you.
Whatever you do rock your given hair hun!..and don’t forget to snatch lovely shots rocking your unit xx

natural kinky 360 lace frontal wig review natural textured 360 lace frontal wig
360 lace frontal wig in natural kinky curly texture

Thank you! ❤Loving my 360 wig unit

Feedback: @nitarrh(Instagram/twitter)
Installation done by : Joke (a versatile hair stylist based in Nigeria; she caters to all hair types and textures)
Location: 12, Asenuga Street, Off Oregun Link Bridge, Opebi, Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria.
Phone: +2348027520365
The glue used : Plato Super Hold Lace Glue for Lace Front Wigs  (hold isn’t so strong and is useful if you wish to wear your wig for a few days to a week). Note that water-based products loosen up the glue.

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