{Q&A}Tips to Moisturize Your Natural 4C Dry Hair


“I need help in keepig my hair moisturized! My 4C hair is so DRY. I need something that’s gonna keep my hair moisturized for longer period of time.”


1)Stylist’s Suggestions

@chi_style:  Make sure your ends are freshly clipped, because split ends are always dry and brittle and aid in breakage and when U touch your hair it’s going to feel crunchy. As someone stated before, a healthy didn’t with plenty of protein, greens, and water is essential. If u don’t have color, or flat iron a lot, focus on more moisturizing conditioners instead of protein because it can and will make your hair too hard when used too much.

Do a moisturizing deep conditioner at least once and month and a hair steamer is an added benefit while doing so. Some people do make daily spritzers that help them and a little adding glycerine and regular castor oil helps a lot. Protective styling helps to retain moisture as well. Some of the top products that my clients rave about after me using them are the Kera care natural textures leave in and butter cream and their twist and define cream .@oyinhandmade has a humectant butter that’s the truth but I can’t think of the name right now.

2)Experienced Naturalistas’ Suggestions

@curlyandfrugalicious: For those who are experiencing dryness, you maybe a low porosity girl. Be sure you strand test BEFORE you figure out a remedy. If you are a low porosity girl than you will want to stay away from too much protein such a coconut oil, egg masks, and yogurt masks. Swap coconut oil for avocado, sunflower, safflower or apricot oil. These oils are rich with moisture properties and promote hair growth!

Be sure your conditioners are shea butter or cocoa butter or even mango butter based instead of coconut oil based. To protect your hair during the summer, pre-rinse with honey, and one of the oils I mentioned above. You can also treat yourself to a coconut water rinse as well. Coconut water is very moisturizing and will clean your scalp. Make your own leave in conditioner by mixing 6 oz distilled water, 6 oz of pure aloe vera juice, 2 oz flaxseed oil, 1 oz vitamin E oil, a few drops of rosemary essential oil and a few drops of peppermint essential oil. This mixture will hydrate your curls, relieve your itchy scalp, and bring health to your hair. Do some research and find what works best for YOU! Above all else, live and eat healthy. That is the most important thing. Have fun and I hope I’ve helped someone :-)

@just.me_rose:  First, WASH YOUR HAIR! Apple cider vinegar rinses are my best friend! Dilute it with water and focus on cleansing you’re scalp let it drain down your strains to clean them without overdoing it. You cannot moisturize your hair properly on dirty hair. Then deep condition regularly. Protein treatments are great on dry and dim hair. Then proceed to use a leave in on wet hair. The key to have those products enter your hair is water! Use an oil that can enter the shaft (light oil) then a creamy product and a sealant (heavy oil) on top then proceed to style.

Your diet will also play a major role so make sure you’re eating well and staying hydrated. The body will take any extra hydration it finds if you’re not drinking enough fluids. If you find that you’re constantly ashy and your hair is dry that might be why. Lastly natural hair is trial and error… Not everything works the same way for everyone so if something works for your friend and not for you stop wasting your time on that and try something else

@thezors:  Try deep conditioning your hair after a shampoo. I have 4a, 3c, and 4b and I usually use water, a leave in, and a viscous oil mix. At the moment I am usuing JBCO strengthen, grow, and restore leave in by Shea moisture and ogx argan oil of Morocco extra penetrating oil. This oil provides a lot of slip. For a deep conditioner I use whatever I have on hand mixed with coconut and olive oil. I only detangle on wet or damp hair with a Denman brush or some form of it or a wide tooth comb.

If its not working, try pre shampooing with a hot oil treatment. Any mix of oils will do, just warm it up and put it on, massaging the scalp to increase circulation. You can even mix any leftover oil into your conditioner. Waste not, want not.

@mocha_chev:  I have 4c hair and am just now kind of learning how to deal with it . First off you have to keep it in protective styles If you want to see some growth. Second I go about my wash routine with my hair in medium sized twists so my hair doesn’t tangle . After its all clean, I take down twists one at a time using the LOC method. For that I use a leave in containing water and kinky curly knot today , it’s just a little too thick for my liking, I then use coconut or olive oil, then Shea moisture curl enhancing smoothing and place hair back into a twist. Happy moisturizing lol, Good luck I know it’s hard.

@atweet1:  My hair is well moisturized and soft. I use As I Am coconut co-wash, Tresemme Naturals conditioner for the cleansing process; As I Am leave in, almond oil and As I Am moisture milk or Shea Moisture smoothie for styling. My hair and scalp feel so healthy. I have even started incorporating As I am Hydration Elation for a deep conditioner. Steps are same to TWA.

@umyeahiknow:  By now we all know there’s no one magic treatment that keeps all natural hair moist. It really depends on the person and for me the day.. the season… what I ate this week… But number ONE… THE STYLE! I learned through trial and error that I don’t actually WANT my hair super moist all the time. When I do a twist out that I want to stay stretched and light I use a light oil to keep it shiny and soft, but not as moist as when I’m doing a coil out. Do I want a lush curly high puff or a huge fro puff. I adjust my product based on style so it’s not as stressful, and vice versa. If I’m having a particularly dry spell I work on keeping it moist enough not to break and enjoy stretched twist outs, and focus on shine with shine sprays. And don’t be afraid to re-moisturize through the day. I keep a black girl took kit in my office. :)

@callme_kakes:  I have braids for the past 10 weeks. I sprayed my scalp every 2 to 3 days with rosewater topped with parachute brand coconut oil & rubbed pure tea tree oil on my braids & scalp as a final step to help with any odors. While taking down my braids, I’ve noticed that my hair is WAY softer than normal. I rubbed a bit of coconut oil on my new growth too which helped detangle the lint/dirt build up.

@janaiaisjoy:  I have 4C hair and I never get dry hair. I think it comes down to really clean hair before you do the loc method so moisture absorbs. Cowashing does not work for my hair. I use TGIN shampoo and conditioner, then LOC with TGIN Green tea leave in, organic coconut oil/Argan oil, then pure Shea butter (in the winter), or moisture creme or twist creme (in the summer). I also drink a ton of water lol 💁🏾💧

@winning_since1990:  Seriously the LOC method works. Spritz you hair with water, put any oil on top (i prefer argan oil), and lastly a moisturizing cream.

@magnichic_llc:  Steam treatments with camille rose naturals coconut water deep conditioner and leave in conditioner. I also love their twisting butter with extra virgin olive oil. After returning natural 10 years ago this has worked the best for me with retaining moisture on my 4c hair :)

@bambamvixen:  Make sure you don’t have product build up 1st. If so then cleanse your hair. Find a good moisturizing deep condition to start with, make sure you use a leave in and seal with an oil.

@concrete_black_rose:  Wet hair first then follow thru with Pure Shea butter and or coconut oil then use a moisturizing cream base leave in conditioner (Sally’s brand SILK ELEMENTS natural hair product has a great cream base leave in conditioner). I have 4c I leave it wet and use the LOC (Leave-in, Oil, Creme Custard) method it keeps my hair moist and shiny for about 3 days.

Hope these suggestions would be helpful  to you if you have same Natural 4B/4C Hair Dry Problems.  Again, Many many THANKS to those gorgeous above for sharing these useful info. <3 <3
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