Tips to Rock Your Wash and Go This Winter

Winter, Winter, Winter! Oh how you love to torture my hair! Ladies, this time around don’t let winter get the best of you or your hair this year. Here are a few tips to help you fight back and rock your wash and go this upcoming winter! coily natural textured wash and go style by @msnaturallymary

1. Co- wash with a leave in conditioner

The first and most important step in a Wash and Go. Cleanse and moisturize your hair to create the perfect base. Choose your favorite conditioner, preferably with great slip.  wash and go curly natural hair style

2. Detangle by finger detangling in small sections, rinse if needed

After your hair is thoroughly cleansed you can now begin the detangling process. Section finger detangle-Rinse

3. Moisturize with your preferred oil sealant

After you’ve detangled your hair it’s time to add moisture to your stands. Adding oil to your hair while it is still damp is key. Once your hair absorbs the water, oil can be used to help seal in the moisture. This will help your wash and go last longer without getting that crusty look too soon. wash and go natural hair style by @_kharissa

4. Define your strands

Whether it’s the prayer hands or individual strand twist method, you can use either or and/or both when defining your curls. Add gel to enhance your curl pattern. To complete the overall final look, apply a holding edge control paste along your edges and tie it down with a silk scarf. Finally the last step is to apply your favorite ant frizz serum.

5. Air dry your luscious locks

When all of the key products are added and every strand of hair is saturated, you are ready to set your style. With your silk or satin scarf tied around your edges, you can continue your daily home schedule as normal. If you were meaning to do some extra work around the house or prep for the next day, now is the time! Allow your hair to dry thoroughly to avoid that head cold feeling during the winter. Once completely dry, separate into desired shape by using your fingers or a pic this will also help with the volume. For an extra kick, finish off with an oil sheen spray for added shine and luster!

Remember Naturalists, stay strong and consistent to ensure optimum results this Winter! If you are struggling with any part or find that your hair isn’t responding positively, feel free to adapt and adjust any of these steps according to your personal preference and hair type. These tips are here to assist and guide you to a stress free bomb looking winter wash and go!

wash and go natural hair styles for winter


Wash & Go with Clipin Extensions if you’re looking tutorial on this content. 🎉🎉

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