Top 20 Fashion Accessories for Dark Skin

Looking for great accessories to match your melanin? Here are 20 different fashion accessories for dark skin. Women of color have a built in beauty feature that many try to imitate but many fail to make it look effortless. Here we have some great options to enhance our beautiful skin!

1. Googly Eyed Hair Accessories– If Janelle Monae can rock it, so can you! Just whip out your textured space buns and add the googly eyes everywhere you would like to be able to “see”.

Googly Eyed Hair Accessories for African American women Credit: @janellemonae

2. Old School Choker– Remember back in the days when you thought you were so cool in high school with your black plastic choker? Well, they are back in style and more fashionable then before.

Old School Black Plastic Choker for Black Girls Credit: @itsmyrayeraye

3. 3-Piece Jewelry– Seek out any 3 piece set in gold, copper, or bronze to complement your skin tone and add a nice flare of style!

3 Piece Jewelry for dark skinned women Credit: @dashikipride

4. Midi Rings– They are everywhere! Almost everyone has tried it or have used an out grown ring as a substitute. No judgement here, anything goes! Just make sure that it matches your personal style.

Midi finger Rings for dark skinned women Credit: @outsasd

5. Hoop Earrings– Classic signature piece! When it comes to these the bigger the better.

big hoop earrings for African American women Credit: @ellarie

6. Statement Necklace– Turn heads with a loud jewelry. The colors will pop against your beautiful black skin!

Statement Necklace for African American women Credit: @fantasyaccessorybox

7. Head Scarf– Timeless and effective! You can’t go wrong with this, just wrap it and you’re good to go!

Printed Head Scarf for dark brown skin women Credit: @glowprincesss

8. Vintage Cycle– There’s nothing that says bold and beautiful like a great accessory like an old school bike. When people see you rolling up they’ll have to remind themselves “keep calm and acknowledge the queen!”

bike through your neighborhood natural hair journey Credit: @breenylee

9. Bold Prints– Every sista’s dream! Stand out and dare not to blend in.

bold prints for African American women

10.  Egyptian arm band– With this band showcases immediate strength and confidence. Weak people may fear you but the strong will appreciate you!

vintage upper arm chain for dark skin

11. Septum Nose Ring– Never fear the bull! This is a perfect way to intensify any look. If you are a little afraid to commit to the piercing, no worries there are a ton of clip on options.

Septum nose ring for African Amarican women

12. Tribal Face Painting– Take out your liquid liner and or any of your makeup pencils. Get creative with different patterns to pump up your look.

Tribal Face Painting Makeup ideas for black girls Credit:

13. Chain Crown– Sleek you hair back and away from your face to let your crown shine!

chain head crown for African Amarican girls

14. Hair Clasps– Add these bad boys to your strands and you are as good as gold! Preferably add on to faux locs, braids, and or extensions.

Hair Clasps Charms for Natural Hair Bantu Knots Credit: @finestcameroonians

15. Over The Top Headbands– Bring out your inner Goddess! These copper toned like headbands are a sure fire way to give you an ethereal glow.

Over The Top Headbands Black Girl Magic Street Fashion Credit: @theworkingbeauty

16. Oversized Shades– Ballin! Yes, you can rock these and still kill it wherever you go.

oversize sun glasses with Goddess Locs Credit: @thereallexiejose

17. Statement Lenses– The Urcle look is back in action! Prescription or not, anyone can rock these frames.

Statement lenses fashion glasses accessories for black girl Credit: @tashaggreen

18. Bracelet Bling– Rack them up or stick to one staple piece, bangles are a girl’s best friend!

black girl street fashion natural hair bracelet ideas Credit: @hippie_heathen

19. Studded Nails– Every celeb of color has shown us how killer nails is a fashion must!

studded nail arts for black women Credit: @thefreshestnailart

20. Henna Art work– This is a great festival time of year fashion accessory! Go crazy big or discretely small, no matter what it will look amazing with your skin tone.

Henna Art work for African Amarican women Credit: @jasminenicholeart

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