Top 5 African American Girls’ Prom Hairstyles 2016

It’s that time of the year again……PROM SEASON!!! Now we all know everyone wants to look fly for this occasion. Now it may be very easy to turn to the creamy crack during this time of the year, however, here are a few ideas that can help with the question that most people have, “What am I going to do with my hair?” Here are a few ideas for this 2016/2017 prom season.

Dread Locs

There are several sexy and classy ways to wear dread locs or faux locs to a special occasion. Whether you are a male or a female, you can pin dreads up in just about any way to reveal the neck and exposing a very sleek look for a prom attending teen.

dreadlocs prom hairstyles for African American girls dreadlock protective hairstyles for prom 2016 2017

Sew In or Crochet

There are quite a few people that want to play with color or add in some length to pull off the look they are going for with sew ins or crochet. You can be super versatile with the sew in without the worry of damaging your ow hair or having to cut it to achieve the level of slayage you are going for.
slay on prom 2016 with natural coily hair and african clothing natural girl prom hairstyle ideas 2016

The Afro

Nothing is more beautiful to me than the afro. It is an effortless style for a lot of natural women and no matter what the length, it is still very classy, sexy, and sophisticated. Another natural and beautiful way to rock your mane regardless of your gender. Be brave. Be bold.

@Kyemah McEntyre‘s stunning prom dress and afro hair for prom Kyemah Mcentyre Afro Prom Hairstyles with custom prom dress Afro prom hairstyles prom dress for black girls 2017 Photo credits: @MindOfKye_/Pinterest


Quick and easy, braids can stand the tests of time. No need to worry about messing up your hair or excessive frizz from sweaty dancing when it is braided. Male or female, you are guaranteed a crisp look.

braid protective hairstyle for prom 2016 braided updo prom hairstyle for African American girls chrochet braids blue protective hairstyles for Prom 2017


long relaxed straight prom hairstyles for black girls wavy prom hairstyle red mermaid sequined prom dress 2016 wavy prom hairstyle for prom season 2016 orange prom dress wavy prom hairstyle for african american girl

Now that you have a few ideas, pick the one that is best for you and get your sexy on! No matter how you like to rock your mane, don’t forget to moisturize. And as always remember, the more you know, the more you grow…..xoxo


To embrace your natural beauty in Prom Season, don’t forget to wear matched extensions to highlight your natural curls. :) Check out 20 Amazing Prom Dresses & Hairstyles for Black Girls 2016  if you need inspiration on beautiful prom dresses.

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