Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose Her Given Hair

“Be you, be yourself, be given”.  Her Given Hair, a newly launched  hair extensions store that specializes in natural textured clipins, wefts, closure and wigs.  Extensions have been around for quite a long time, while most of them are aim to blondes. To make black girls enjoy the ease and simplicity of natural textured clipins & wefts, we finally decide to release Her Given Hair.  Here are 5 main reasons that you should choose it instead of trying other brands.

5 reasons why you should choose hergivenhair

#1.  All extensions are made of Virgin hair which can be straightened, washed, colored and styled. Meanwhile, comparing with other brands, the prices of hergivenhair hair extensions are less expensive. Clip ins and wefted hair only strat at $109/set. There are also bundle deals to save up to $30 off if you need more than 2 sets at a time.
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hergivenhair bundle deals

#2. Ranging from 3a-4c, there are 3 textures  that will meet all of your natural hair needs. No matter what type of your natural hair is, you can find the matched kinky, afro curly or coily texture here easily.

3 natural hair textures in hergivenhair

#3. Hergivenhair carries 2 hot lines of natural textured extensions, that are clipins and wefts.  They are all easy to use. Clip-ins recently become more popular as it only needs 10 minutes to install and would be a great protective style to encourage healthy hair.  For the low manipulation of your natural hair, you can choose weaves as well.

hergivenhair natural textured virgin  hair extensions

#4. Teamed with several professional natural hair stylists, hergivenhair will continually provide natural hair care, tips, product reviews and turtorials to guild you through your natural hair journey.

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#5. Top Before & After-Sale Service

Aside from the basic user-friendly service like fast worldwide shipping, free exchange & return policy, etc, Her Given Hair is trying her best to make everyone satisfied.  Regular customers call-back system is also established to know more about customers’ satisfication and needs. 

natural blending 4C 4B hair extensions by livenaturallylove

“OMG!!!!! I. LOVE. THIS. HAIR!!!I always wear sometype of weave but this has been the absolute easiest, most flawless hair I have worn. Of course I love being able to care for my own hair underneath daily!!! These clips are GERY high quality -that is your best asset, and the hair is beautiful!!! Thank you for such quick customer service and with today being my birthday!” by Bessie Vaughn-francis

“I received the hair and it was super quick delivery and I loved the text message notification as well. The hair is amazing! It blends perfectly with my hair and everything. Easy to clip in etc. I immediately recommended some to my friend as well.” by Santasha Hart

Read more reviews from HGH lovely customers here>>

hergivenhair curly hair wefts installed by Chocolateblackdoll

Extension now is not only the beauty accessory for Caucasian girls  but also a versatile add-on for girls who want to add length, volume, and  color to their natural curly hair. If you plan to go natural or on the way of being natural, simply try Her Given Hair natural textured extensions to get the final look in minutes.

hergivenhair natural textured  hair extensions

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