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[Tester NO.3] Mary’s usage test report-Part Ⅰ

Who is Mary? Mary is the Myhaircrush Brand Ambassador. She is also a vlogger, a lover of fashion, food and all things natural hair, she began her natural hair journey on May 14, 2012. She thinks our hair is beautiful, soft and easy to maintain. It’s her dream texture, dream length, it blend her own hair perfectly. Wanna see more details about the usage test from…Continue Reading>>

[Tester NO.1] Chi-Chi’s Usage Test Report–Part Ⅰ(before Installation)

Who is Chi-Chi?  Chi-Chi is a Natural hair stylist, writer, jewelry designer, and licensed cosmetologist. She obtained her cosmetology license in 2006, and then opened her own salon, ErthTonez, LLC “The Creative Experience” in 2010. With over 8,000 YouTube Subscribers and countless happy clients, Chi-Chi prides herself in not only helping you feel more beautifu…Continue Reading>>