What is Your Natural Hair Length / Height Goal 2017?

Welcome back ladies and beaus, I hope you brought the New Year in with much bliss and happiness. Often times we make New Year’s Resolutions to lose weight, eat healthier, and new year/new goals. We all desire to have a better year than the last. My resolution this year is to retain a healthy length of hair. On Instagram, I posted a picture of a short cut. I thought about going short, but I my year off with a box braided bob.

box braided natural hairstyle bob vs long hair What do you choose, Cut or Low Maintenance Hairstyles?

What are your expectations for your hair this year? I would love for my hair to widen in length. I want to be able to rock my hair from its natural state. I will watch to see if my hair widens with my height.

natural hair goal 2017

Many individuals in the hair community have the length hair t-shirts. What will your regimen be for these expectations? I have new products coming to me really soon.

true natural hair care products set

What is your #hairlengthgoal? I actually just want my hair to grow it’s genetically length way, if that means anything. I want my hair to be the healthiest I can be. I cannot wait to see how this low maintenance hairstyle does with my hair. I will make sure to clean my scalp and keep it hydrated. An itchy and dry scalp will not help in the process of retaining length. If your scalp is dry, it does not have enough moisture to grow to the end. At the end of the year, we will look at my hair for width in length. WISH ME WELL, AND WITH LONGEVITY FOR MY TWIGS!

Where is Natural Hair going to? I will be interviewing Jiquay Glenn, who brings a Hair Expo to Jackson, TN a place where I grew up. I also plan to attend to see what I can learn from other naturalists. Natural hair is a movement not a? Where is natural hair and products going economically and societal. What is the future of natural hair? We build this identity every day for women to have their own state of naturalism. Granted, it is a process of patience, but the love your grow from yourself and hair is the best feeling. A feeling of togetherness of what you say and do to your hair. Hairs to the New Year, Let’s get going!


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